4.MFL Kisela Voda overview of last half-seasonal round

The opening half-season in the 4th divisional group Kisela Voda ended this weekend with the Round 9 matches in which a derby for the top was played.

photo by FK Sloboden Skopje: crowded in Vardar 75’s box


Leaders Kul hosted trailing Studenichan at the Cementarnica stadium in the derby for the top in the very last half-seasonal round. The hosted managed to capitalize a chance early in the match to score what happened to be a decisive match winning goal. The visitors were better in the rest of the match, but never managed to find the back of the net. Kul ended the half-season perfect on points beating both promotion rivals Studenichan and Partizan.

Partizan surprisingly fell at Slavija and after last round’s home defeat by Kul probably ended its promotion chances.

Newly formed Sloboden after several big defeat eventually showed good football and defeated Vardar 75 by scoring 7 goals in the opponent’s net.

Zelenikovo and Tekstilec both had no mercy for their opponents celebrating big wins with a clean sheet.

Jovan Mandarovski stadium in Skopje
Slavija – Partizan 3:1

23′, 61′, 75′ Georgi Gazhevski – 35′ Emir Bakijov
Red cards: 78′ Lavdim Gavazi (P)
Referee: Mario Stojchevski (Skopje)

Jurja stadium in Skopje
Sloboden – Vardar 75 7:1

3′ (pen) Nikola Bosheski, 17′ Stefan Mitikj, 18′ Marko Nedeski, 30′, 37′, 77′ Marios Mitropetros, 46′ Jovan Radeski – 68′ Aleksandar Zlatevski
Referee: Kristijan Lazeski (Skopje)

Tekstilec – SSK Mladinec 5:0
5′ Bojan Slavkovski, 19′, 84′ Filip Tanevski, 44′ Matej Pavlovski, 68′ Kiril Trajkovski
Referee: Bojan Bozhinovski (Skopje)

Zelenikovo stadium in Zelenikovo
Zelenikovo – Pobeda 6:0

5′, 9′ Haris Lekovikj, 10′ Dario Saveski, 40′, 66′ Ivica Prodanovski, 58′ Gjoko Prodanovski
Referee: Kristijan Lazeski (Skopje)

Cementarnica stadium in Skopje
Kul – Studenichan 1:0

13′ Goce Kocevski
Referee: Marjan Mladenovski (Skopje)

4.MFL Kisela Voda 2022/23

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