3.MFL East: Belasica wins 24:0!

The team of Belasica on training last month; photo: FK BelasicaDo we have the record victory in the Macedonian football? Yesterday Belasica defeated Konche Birlik with unbelievable 24:0.

We do not know if this is the all-time highest win since the independence of Macedonia in 1992, but it surely is one of the biggest.

The past weekend it was played the Round 8 in the Third League East and in one of the matches leaders Belasica hosted bottom placed and newly promoted Konche Birlik. Having in mind the previous results of the visitors, it was obvious that the points would stay in Strumica, but what happened was a humiliation in every possible sense of the word.

On half-time Belasica had a 16:0 lead as the goals galore started from the second minute. After the break the hosts managed to score “only” 8 goals for a final win of 24:0.

Konche Birlik has been recording devastating results before as well, but this is now totally out of control. The team is clearly lost in this level and is probably only question of time when the clubs will decide to quit competing. The club comes from the village of Konche that has a population of around 3.500. Last season they won the 4.MFL Radovish and thanks to the expansion of thethird leagues won a direct promotion. On 20 games last season they scored 78 goals which shows how big the difference between the divisions is. Now they have scored only 5 goals in their 7 games, but have let in 73 (it should be noted that one of their defeats was a 3:0 awarded loss).

Boban Marikj managed to score 9 goals on this game, followed by his teammates Mile Kostovski (6), Stefan Sulev (3), Kemal Alomerovikj (3), Aleksandar Markov (2) and Dimitra Kremcheski (1). Interestingly, with the 9 goals Marikj tied the record of Vlatko Manev who also scored 9 goals back in the season 2001/02 when Bregalnica beated Mladost Murtino 18:0 in Shtip in the Macedonian Cup.

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