3 points deduction for Pobeda

pobeda FFM has brought a decision to deduct three points from FK Pobeda and at the same time postponed two matches from the first league.

Pobeda should have paid a certain amount to their former defender Rodrigo Almeida by 22 April 09, but they did not do that, so FIFA disciplinary commitee has brought a decision on 7 May, but Pobeda still has not payed the debt. Therefore, FFM has brought a decision for deducting 3 points in the season 2009/10 and Pobeda is now last on the table with -2 points.

At the same time, recommended bu the Ministry of Interior, FFM has postponed two matches from the first league round 4. Renova against Vardar and Sloga Jugomagnat against Teteks will not be played this weekend because of safety reasons. The new dates are yet to be announced.


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