3.MFL Southwest eventually starts the new season

Today was played the opening round of the Southwestern group in the third level of the Macedonian football pyramid.

As the current COVID-19 restrictions implied by the Ministry of health say that no players of any sport can participate without a vaccination or a PCR test taken before every match, the football in Macedonia under the second league stopped. The 3.MFL group Southwest manage to gather 13 teams with vaccinated players and eventually kicked-off the new season. Keep in mind that no team of this level can afford to pay for its players to take PCR tests before each match. In Macedonia, the price for a PCR test is around 25-30 Euros.


Since last season, Voska Sport has been promoted into the 2.MFL West, while no teams got relegated as the season did not finish. However, three teams failed to convince their players to get a vaccine, so Sateska, Lozhani and Iskra are not taking part this season. The only newly added team is Demir Hisar who is reactivated after 11 seasons of absence.

Since Belica today did not play their home, match against Prespa, rumors that got to us say that they failed to gather enough vaccinated players, but meanwhile Sateska may compile a team and take their place. Time will tell.

Round 1 results:

Strela – Oktisi 1:1
15′ (pen) Goce Todorovski – 28′ Alban Dani

Belica – Prespa not played

Karaorman – Demir Hisar 2:0
13′ Klime Dalcheski, 61′ Nikola Dimov
Red cards: 35′ Muamet Shakir (K)

Lirija (G) – Vlaznimi 2:0
20′, 42′ Jonus Rustemi

Pobeda (I) – Makedonija (V) 0:4
19′, 22′ Marijan Choleski, 49′ Aleksandar Zaturoski, 87′ Ilija Busheski

Kravari – Crno Buki ZL 0:7
16′ Angel Munevski, 45′ Jovancho Trajkovski, 50′, 54′, 66′ Blagoja Naumopski, 61′ Oliver Daraliovski, 81′ Dimitar Nikoloski
Red cards: 43′ Ardain Zuberovski (K)

Novaci was idle.

3.MFL Southwest 2021/22

Play-off | group stage
Relegation | 4.MFL

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