2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying draw made

Macedonia gets a group with Germany, some old friends and our destined opponents these years, Armenia.

Our World Cup path starts from the last Group J which is lead by 4-time champions Germany. Macedonia and Germany have never faced before in any type of competition, so this will be out first encounters with the giant.

With all the other teams we have already played sometimes in out footballing history, most recently with Armenia, in the past two editions of the Nations League. The group is pretty similar to the one foe the 1998 WC qualifiers where Macedonia also played against Romania, Iceland and Liechtenstein. That’s four same national teams of the possible six.

Macedonia was drawn in a group of six teams, meaning that we will play a total of 10 qualifying matches of which in March and September next year we will have three matches in each month. The qualifiers begin in March and will conclude in November. If Macedonia manages to grab the runner-ups spot will than advance into the play-off.

Matchday 1: 24–25 March 2021
Matchday 2: 27–28 March 2021
Matchday 3: 30–31 March 2021
Matchday 4: 1–2 September 2021
Matchday 5: 4–5 September 2021
Matchday 6: 7–8 September 2021
Matchday 7: 8–9 October 2021
Matchday 8: 11–12 October 2021
Matchday 9: 11–13 November 2021
Matchday 10: 14–16 November 2021

Keep in mind that only the group winners will qualify for the World Cup that will be played in Qatar.

Here is our complete record against all nationals teams that today’s draw placed in our group:

Germany Germany
no matches played

– Romania Romania (G5 W1 D0 L4 GD 5:11)
14.12.1996 0:3 defeat (match report) Q
20.08.1997 2:4 defeat (match report) Q
04.09.2004 1:2 defeat (match report) Q
30.03.2005 1:2 defeat (match report) Q
02.06.2010 1:0 win (match report) F

– Iceland Iceland (G4 W2 D1 L1 GD 4:2)
01.06.1996 1:1 draw (match report) Q
07.06.1997 1:0 win (match report) Q
15.10.2008 0:1 defeat (match report) Q
10.06.2009 2:0 win (match report) Q

Armenia Armenia (G9 W4 D2 L3 GD 15:16)
10.05.1995 2:2 draw (match report) Q
06.09.1995 1:2 defeat (match report) Q
18.08.2004 3:0 win (match report) Q
04.06.2005 2:1 win (match report) Q
07.09.2010 2:2 draw (match report) Q
07.10.2011 1:4 defeat (match report) Q
09.09.2018 2:0 win (match report) NL
16.10.2018 0:4 defeat (match report) NL
05.09.2020 2:1 win (match report) NL
18.11.2020 0:1 defeat (match report) NL

– Liechtenstein Liechtenstein (G9 W8 D1 L0 GD 33:5)
24.04.1996 3:0 win (match report) Q
09.11.1996 11:1 win (match report) Q
08.09.2002 1:1 draw (match report) Q
07.06.2003 3:1 win (match report) Q
12.11.2005 2:1 win (match report) F
24.03.2017 3:0 win (match report) Q
09.10.2017 4:0 win (match report) Q
13.10.2018 4:1 win (match report) NL
16.11.2018 2:0 win (match report) NL

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