14 months suspension for Dragan Antić

Ohrid manager Dragan Antić has been suspended for the next 14 months by the Football Federation of Macedonia.

Following recent statements made by Serbian manager Dragan Antić towards FFM and the referees, FFM’s disciplinary committee has decided to suspend Ohrid’s manager for the next 14 months.  This suspension comes after the statements by Antić and his decision to withdraw his squad late in the game during the 16th round match against Vardar when Toni Veljanoski scored the opening goal in the 89th minute.  Soon thereafter, Ohrid’s players returned to the field but just stood up and did not move as Vardar’s Osa Guobadia then scored another goal for Vardar to make it 2:0.  The Ohrid players were only reprimanded for this move, but Antić was given a 14-months suspension.

The football club from Ohrid is facing big problems.  The players were protesting their management and only wanted to play for Antić as the manager.  However, Antić has now been suspended for the next 14 months so he might decide to leave Ohrid considering he has no right to lead the club.  Therefore, it remains to be seen what will happen to Ohrid in the future.

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