1 year ban for Mandak

Bregalnica’s Elmir Mandak received 1 year ban after incidents in Kratovo.

FFM’s disciplinary committee has served one year ban to one of Bregalnica’s best players Elmir Mandak. After the incidents on the match between Sileks and Bregalnica in Kratovo in 26th round, when Mandak received a red card and started an argument with main referee Aleksandar Stavrev, Mandak was fined with 1.000 euros and one-year-ban for playing football.

The incident must not go unpunished, but this kind of ban might seem too much. Especially if we have in mind what situations have went unpunished in the past. On the following LINK you can watch a video of the incident and decide whether the argue between Mandak and Stavrev is worth one year ban.

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