Yet another lost talent

 Orhan Mustafi got Swiss passport and hopes he can get a call for the Swiss national team. He is the newest lost talent who could have played for the macedonian national team, but chose another country over Macedonia.

As it has been reported on FC Basel's official website today, Orhan Mustafi received his Swiss passport today. He now holds dual citizenship (Macedonian and Swiss), but as he expressed in an interview given recently for the same website, he wants to play for the Swiss national team and that is why he has rejected both the Macedonian football federation and even Albanian football federation which also sent an offer to Mustafi.


This 18-years-old striker is only the next-in-line player that could have played for Macedonia, but chose another country. Macedonia has lost a great deal of very talented players mainly because nobody expresses interest in these players and we don't pay enough attention. Mustafi, who has scored 2 goals for Basel in this season so far, has also 2 caps for Basel in the Champions League. Anyway, probably this player will only be another unfulfilled wish for the Macedonian football fans and we can only look at his caps for the Swiss national teams and maybe even sooner then we can imagine.

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