Women’s senior team reactivated with Kosovo friendlies

After two years of inactivity FFM reactivated the women’s senior national team that will play two friendly matches against Kosovo. Head coach Kiril Izov announced the squad as well.

photo by FFM: the U18 national team from where many players are in today’s squad


The Football federation of Macedonia decided to put to sleep the senior women’s national team due to the catastrophic results in the EURO and World Cup qualifiers. The last match of Macedonia was in September 2016 in a 6:2 road defeat by Belarus in the 2017 EURO qualifiers. FFM had enough of our ladies as they recorded brutal loses such as 8:0 by Iceland, 9:0 and 8:1 by Slovenia and a 10:0 humiliation by Scotland. Macedonia later did not enter the 2019 World Cup qualifiers.

Few months ago FFM decided to reactivate the women’s team by arranging two friendly matches with neighboring Kosovo in June. But both were cancelled due to the sudden death of the Kosovar federation president and legendary Yugoslav footballer Fadil Vokri.

Eventually those two friendly will be played now in Skopje. The first one is today at 17.00 CET while the second will be played on Sunday at the same time. Both will be played at the Petar Miloshevski stadium.

Head coach Kiril Izov summoned the following 20 players. Almost all are young players that during the senior inactivity played for the the youth national teams.

Aleksandra Markovska – Istatov Macedonia
Aleksandra Popovska – AS Junajted Macedonia
Angela Stojkovska – Istatov Macedonia
Daniela Velevska – Dragon Macedonia
Dragana Kolevska – Istatov Macedonia
Elena Panevska – Tiverija Macedonia
Eli Jakovska – Breznica Montenegro
Hava Mustafa – Tetovo Macedonia
Jana Chubrinoska – Istatov Macedonia
Jilza Maksuti – AS Junajted Macedonia
Magdalena Lekoska – Dragon Macedonia
Maja Angelovska – Olimpija Slovenia
Martina Bogleva – Istatov Macedonia
Marina Mitrevska – Istatov Macedonia
Mila Talevska – Sasa Macedonia
Pavlinka Nikolovska – Crvena zvezda Serbia
Romana Trajkovska – Südost Zürich Switzerland
Sara Kolarovska – Dragon Macedonia
Simona Krstanoska – Olimpija Slovenia
Viktorija Panchurova – Tiverija Macedonia

From the team is obviously missing Macedonia’s best female footballer Natasha Andonova who is currently playing for Barcelona. She turned her back on the national team after the 10:0 defeat by Scotland in November 2015 and hasn’t played since.

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