When you won’t score…

Brown celebratesScotland – Macedonia 2:0. The dream has come to an end. Chances, shots, corners, free kicks, but no goal from Pandev, Georgievski, Stojkov, Naumoski etc. And when you won’t score, you can’t expect a good result.

Scotland maybe didn’t play good, but they surely run for whole 90 minutes, covered the field, and scored twice, unlike the Macedonian players who showed just another dejavou, 45 minutes of play and nothing more.


The fanatic Scottish players deserved  the three points although they were technically worst and skilless, but they were tacticaly better and totally outplayed Jonuz’s eleven in the seconf half. With the goals scored by Scott Brown in the 56th minute and James McFadden in the 80th, Scotland is now only one step away from the play-offs.

Match report HERE.

photo: fifa.com

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