Vlazrimi Arena under water, the club asks for help (Video)

The heavy rains in Kichevo flooded parts of the town including the home ground of 2.MFL West side Vlazrimi 77 who lost not just the field but also all the barracks and all the players’ equipment inside.

photo by KF Vlazrimi 77: view of the flooded stadium


Macedonia was under rainy weather the past few days but seems like the town of Kichevo got the worst out of it. Most of the eastern zones are flooded and the Vlazrimi Arena wasn’t spared. with the field being half a meter underwater when the flood was at its peek. Now most of the water vanished leaving all the damage visible.

The locker rooms and other club facilities got flooded as well and Vlazrimi 77 is left without most of its equipment and a massive material damage left behind. According to the club, only the walls of the building are in good conditions as even the electronics is now gone. They are asking for donations in other to the club to get back on feet. The other stadium in the town, Gradski, home of 3.MFL West side Napredok, was sparred from the floods.

A walk into the flooded facilities:

Vlazrimi 77 is tied at the top with Gostivar in the western group of the second league and fights for promotion. So far they signed Gent Bislimi and Burhan Aliji from rivals Gorno Lisiche, Malikj Beluli from the Kosovar side of Ferizaj and Ardit Zekjiri who comes from the 3.MFL West side of Drita.

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