Ups and downs

 FK Vardar, the all-time best Macedonian football club has fallen in deep crisis. FK Pobeda, current champions and a team with long tradition has also fallen in deep crisis. On the other side, a total anonymous in the Macedonian football history – FK Milano are showing how football should be played.

Rabotnicki are standard. On the top of the Macedonian football as always in recent years. From them, we must expect decent performances in the European cups and hopefully new history to be written by qualifying to a group phase of one of the two biggest European competitions. Milano, a team from Kumanovo with an Italian name. Despite, they only exist for several years, they've showed how football should be played. From players to management – they are handling everything professionals and deserve the second place on the table.
FK Pelister are back on the old tracks. Tumbe Kafe Stadium is once again full and the fans proudly watch its favorite club. FK Pelister has turned out to be a stable club with several new and financially strong sponsors that only has bright future ahead of them. Now, we've came to the sad part, FK Vardar. Unfortunately, the 'ethernal' Vardar are in a situation that even biggest rivals Pelister can not wish something like that to happen to them. They have been changing managements, managers, coaches, returning back coaches, announcing new sponsors, canceling the new sponsors, giving the club to the Vardar legends… Yet, nothing from that – but the players are winning. But, how long can that go? The youngsters of Vardar are playing important role in the club currently, but no man can live out of love only.
FK Pobeda – a team that always played an important role in macedonian football has now turned to be a club that have broken buses and cannot travel from Prilep to Tetovo. Sadly for them as well. Prilep's citizens love this sports collective and it is no secret that several strong sponsors would like to take over the club and give them the place they deserve as current champions and big football name in Macedonia. But, as long as business and money are on first place, who knows when we will see Pobeda back on the top-of-the-table. Renova are more-or-less standard. They are far from the relegation zone or the spots that lead to play-outs, but at the same time not too close to the table-places that lead to Europe. They tend to have a slow-start and somewhere at the last 15 rounds of the season to start getting the needed results and in the end that proves as not enough for them to reach at least Intertoto cup.
Makedonija Gjorche Petrov
looked weakened at the beginning of the season, but now they are even relegation-troubled. Only 1 point above the 9th place is not something the 'lions' should be proud of. But at the same time, they are in the semi-final of the cup, so they might just still have a chance to prove that they are a team that should never be underestimated. Sileks and Napredok, somehow these two teams go together in my book. They are playing good football at home and mainly depend on the away results whether they will avoid the 9th and 10th place, or will have to take on a second-league team in a play-out match. It will be very interesting to see which one of these three teams (Makedonija, Sileks and Napredok) will finish the season on 9th place, especially if we have in mind that 4th in the second league might be Belasica.
And, right on the bottom we have Bashkimi, Cemenatrnica and Shkendija. On the half-season, Bashkimi and Cementarnica were looking like a releagtion-materials. But, then Bashkimi bought new players and in the last part of the season noted wins over Pobeda, Vardar, Pelister, Rabotnicki (first defeat for the leaders in this season) and rightfully are on the 10th place. If they keep on like this, they will play against the third-placed from second league in order to see who will be in the first league next year. Cementarnica were already relegated by many fans, but with 5 rounds to go, they are only 4 points behind a 'safer' spot and everything can happen till then. Shkendija have put themselves in trouble for nothing. From somewhat good position on the table, they've started losing, have made problems on their stadium and are now playing their home games in Ohrid. Certainly great disadvantage for them and possible relegation is in front of their eyes.


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