Unsuccessful football factory

 Unsuccessful football factory as the Macedonian First League, expectingly produces low quality products. The best football players leave Macedonia for "few" dollars in comparison for the amount of money that is spent on the football market in the rest of the world.

After the big summer transfers in the bigger leagues and some failed and low fee transfers of Macedonian players in foreign clubs, the Macedonian newspaper "Dnevnik" made comparison of the conditions and amounts of the transfers made in Macedonian clubs, the other Eastern countries and the rest European "bigger" football countries.


The move of the Croatian Brazilian Eduardo Da Silva from Dinamo Zagreb to Arsenal for more than 10m euros, indirectly showed that the Macedonian football is on the bottom of Europe. The British and Croat medias speculate that the 24 years old Dudu moved to Arsenal for amount between 10 and 24 million euros, an amount that a player that made direct transfer from the Macedonian league can dream of. Macedonian current best player, Goran Pandev had some offers from that range, but he Pandev built his price while playing for the Italian Lazio. Aleksandar Vasoski moved to Eintracht Frankfurt 2 years ago from Vardar for amount between 700000 and 800000 euros, amount that is 15 times less than Da Silva's transfer in Arsenal. Sadly but the amount that the Germans spent for Vasoski is the biggest amount of money that a foreign club gave for a player from Macedonian league in the last five years. This summer, the former best striker of the league Stevica Ristic, moved to the Korean club Jeonbuk for about 400000 euros and this summer only one member of the Macedonian national team Artim Polozani moved abroad and the German 2nd league club Koblenz payed less than 100000 euros for him.

The best football players from Macedonia play in the weaker clubs from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium… countries who's leagues are far from the top 5 leagues (England, Italy Spain, Germany and France). The next Macedonian star "escape" from Vardar to the Ukrainian Metalurg Zaporozhye and now moved to the Bulgarian champion Levski. One of the best strikers in Macedonian league, Riste Naumov, spent the last half of the season on the reserves bench of the Cypriot club Omonia Nicosia. Their transfers when they left Vardar were for not more than 300000 euros. Stojance Ignjatov, Baze Ilijoski, Nderim Nedjipi… were announced as great invest by Rabotnicki Kometal's owner, but now they can't find decent European club. Ignjatov and Ilijoski didn't impressed at the French 2nd league club Amiens. Baze Ilijoski moved to Korea and returned to Macedonia while now Nderim Nedjipi is announcing a move on the "Far East".

Those who will stay in Macedonia will play in front of 200 people in the audience, with no motivation and for low wages or will leave abroad for any price. That's why in Macedonia arrive anonymous "reinforcements" from the lower leagues of Serbia, from Montenegro and Brazil who in most cases are not good enough even for the Macedonian First League. 

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