Ukraine cancels the friendly

FFMThe Ukrainian football federation has canceled the friendly match against Macedonia that was supposed to be played in Ukraine on 20th August, before the start of the WC 2010 qualifications.

The Macedonian football federations is once again stood up, this time by the Ukrainian football federation. Both football federations have agreed for a friendly match to be played on 20th August in Ukraine as a last test match before the WC 2010 qualifications, but the Ukrainian side have canceled the match. The reasons are still unknown but Ukraine has already arranged a friendly against Poland on the same date.
The friendly match against Ukraine was supposed to be the only test for the Macedonian national team before the start of the qualifications in September and it's still unknown if the Macedonian football federation will be able to arrange another friendly on the same date, which is the only available date for friendlies in that period.


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