Macedonian U21; photo: FFM

U21 friendly: Albania – Macedonia 0:0

Macedonian U21; photo: FFM The U21 youth national teams of Albania and Macedonia today played a friendly in Laç, Albania. The match ended in a goalless draw which was mainly dominated by the defensive lines.

The first twenty minutes took place without serious chances for both sides. After this followed a stretch of ten minutes dominated by the Macedonian team. In this period Macedonia had four shots, the most attractive in the 27th minute when Gentjan Zhuta fired a volley shot from 20 meters and the opposing goalkeeper needed a great save to deflect the ball. The best Albanian chance in the first half came from a right footed shot in the 34th minute but the shot tightly missed Stole Dimitrievski’s goal.


The second half started with an improved Albanian side although the game predominantly was balanced. Albania had a big chance to score the first goal in the 75th minute when goalkeeper Dejan Iliev, who three minutes before replaced Dimitrievski, missed a cross from the left side, but an Albanian player wasn’t able to hit the empty goal from a few meters. On the other side in the 86th minute Macedonia had a great chance to score the game winner. Right back Bojan Gjorgievski made a fine cross from the right side and the ball reached Dejan Peshevski who took a shot from five meters, unfortunately the goalkeeper parried the ball.

Macedonia: Dimitrievski (’72 Iliev); Kitanovski, Dragarski, Stojchevski (’41 Gjorgievski), Alioski; Micevski (’75 Blazhevski), Najdovski; Ashkovski (’78 Jakupov), Zhuta (’58 Peshevski), Gjurgjevikj (’67 Cikarski); Simonovski (’46 Hristov).

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