Macedonia U19

U19: Macedonia – Hungary 2:4

Macedonia U19Macedonia U19 lost the last match from Elite Round European Championship qualification.

In an eventful match, Macedonia eventually lost 2:4, although they took the lead first when Naumcevski opened the scoreline in 24th minute. Máté Skriba equalized in 34th minute when he successfully converted a penalty. Micevski got a red card minute later, and Skriba put his team into lead in 53rd minute when he once again scored from penalty kick. Things got exciting in 71st minute, when Roland Szolnoki scored for 3:1, Timov lowered to 3-2 just a minute later and Dino Najdoski got a second yellow card a minute later. Gergő Nagy set the final score of 2:4 in 90th minute.


Macedonia: Dimitrievski, Gjorgjievski, Aliovski, Najdoski, Drobarov, Najdovski, Timov, Naumcevski, Simonovski, Gjurgjevik.

Macedonia ended the Elite Round of qualifying on the last place. Nevertheless, this generation made success by passing the first round of qualifying.

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