U19: High win and draw against Finland

The U19 national team of Macedonia defeated Finland with 5:0 in the first friendly game, while played a goalless draw in the second two days later. Both matches were played on artificial grass.

photo by FFM: The young Lynx celebrate one of the goals


Both sides first faced each other on Tuesday. Macedonia went on the break with an 1:0 lead thanks to the goal of Filip Stojchevski early in the 15th minute. The players of Vujadin Satnkovikj started the second half furiously, scoring three goals in just seven minutes and by the 58th minute were leading 4:0. Atanasov from the spot and Kolevski twice were the scorers. Kolevski later managed to celebrate a hat-trick by adding a fifth goal a minute before the end.

Other than the big win, this games was marked by the injuury of Mile Todorov who had to be substituted in the 24th minute. He has a fractured foot and will be sidelined for two weeks. He should be back in time for the qualifications.

Petar Miloshevski training center in Skpoje
Macedonia U19 – Finland U19 5:0 (1:0)
Goals: 15′ Filip Stojchevski, 52′ (pen) Jani Atanasov, 54′, 58′, 89′ Bojan Kolevski
Macedonia: 1. Hristijan Stevkovski (C); 2. Todor Todoroski (81′ 14. Kiril Ristovski), 3. Mihail Manevski (87′ 13. Filip Antovski), 4. Mile Todorov (24′ 17. Enis Fazlagikj), 5. Agron Rufati (86′ 16. Oliver Stoimenovski), 6. Filip Trajanovski, 7. Marko Ferukoski, 8. Jani Atanasov (63′ 18. Bojan Miovski), 9. Bojan Kolevski, 10. Filip Stojchevski, 11. Kristijan Trapanovski;
Finland: 12. Johannes Luukkanen; 2. Ville Tikkanen (84′ 4. Kalle Katz), 3. Kristian Heinolainen, 7. Miko Virtanen (74′ 9. Jere Hiltunen), 8. Eero Hyökyvirta, 10. Saku Ylätupa (C), 11. Serge Atakayi (57′ 17. Lassi Viholainen), 13. Juho Hyvärinen, 14. Eetu Pellikka (57′ 15. Onni Valakari), 16. Paavo Voutilainen, 18. Kevin Kouassivi-Benissan.
Yellow cards: Ferukoski, Manevski (M), Atakayi, Heinolainen, Hyökyvirta (F)
Red cards: /
Referee: Igor Stojchevski (MKD)

The second game played on Thursday was very different than the first. No goals were scored, so the visitors failed to get a revenge, while Macedonia failed to record another win.

Petar Miloshevski training center in Skpoje
Macedonia U19 – Finland U19 0:0
Goals: /
Macedonia: 12. Blagojche Ivanov; 2. Todor Todoroski (55′ 14. Kiril Ristovski), 3. Mihail Manevski, 6. Filip Trajanovski, 7. Marko Ferukoski, 8. Jani Atanasov, 9. Bojan Kolevski (55′ Bojan Miovski), 10. Filip Stojchevski, 13. Filip Antovski, 15. Antonio Mitrev (C), 17. Enis Fazlagikj.
Finland: 1. Robin Källman; 3. Kristian Heinolainen, 4. Kalle Katz, 5. Juho Montola (C), 6. Samu Laitinen, 9. Jere Hiltunen (77′ 7. Miko Virtanen), 11. Serge Atakayi, 15. Onni Valakari, 16. Paavo Voutilainen (46′ 2. Ville Tikkanen), 17. Lassi Viholainen, 18. Kevin Kouassivi-Benissan (74′ 13. Juho Hyvärinen).
Yellow cards: Hiltunen (F)
Red cards: /
Referee: Bobi Velichkov (MKD)

These games served Macedonia as last preparations before the Elite stage of qualifications for the 2018 EURO. The tournament will be played in Skopje from 21 to 27 March against Latvia, Hungary and England.

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