Top 1.MFL departing transfers so far

As the winter transfer window has come midway, we take a look at the top transfers that were made with destination abroad.

1. Dembo DarboeMacedonia Shkupi to Belarus Shakhtsyor


The Gambian striker made a name of himself in the Macedonian top flight and surely now all goalkeepers are happy that he has left Shkupi. Reportedly, the Skopje based club made €700.000 from his transfer to Belarus side Shakhtsyor.

2. Darko MicevskiMacedonia Vardar to Latvia RFS

It’s always hard when a captain leaves. The bad financial situation at Vardar forced DM Micevski to depart to Latvia where he joined the team of RFS. His current value according to Transfermarkt is €500.000, but Vardar did not make a cent as he left as a free agent.

3. Abdul Khalid BasitMacedonia Makedonija GjP to Espérance

It is very unusual for a player from the Macedonian league to make a transfer to an African club, but that happened to center-forward Khalid Basit. He was very productive for the Lions this past half-season and it wasn’t an unexpected a move, but his transfer to the most successful Tunisian club is definitely a surprise. Valued at €350.000 at the moment, but the transfer fee wasn’t mentioned officially.

4. Valon AhmediMacedonia Shkendija to Belarus Shakhtsyor

The Albanian attacking midfielder is at the same club as Darboe and actually he moved there first. He spent only a year in Tetovo having arrived in January 2020. Since he had a running contract with Shkendija, the club profited €100.000 from his move to Belarus.

5. Jovan PopzlatanovMacedonia Vardar to Latvia RFS

Seems like the Latvians figured out what is happening at Vardar and seized the occasion taking another of their top players. Right winger Popzlatanov, same as his captain, moved as a free agent with his current value being €250.000.

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