The decision for a new coach is delayed

 The steering board of the Football Federation of Macedonia have brought few strange decisions on their meeting today and the most important one is that they still haven't named the new Macedonian national team coach.

The first decision on the meeting today was the approval of FFM's budget for 2009. Five months after the beginning of 2009, the Macedonian football federation have approved the financial statement for 2008 and the budget for 2009.


The most important part of the agenda for today's meeting was the discussion about the new Macedonian national team coach. The only decision that was brought today is that FFM's president Haralampie Hadzi-Risteski is authorized to have talks with all coaches who will submit their CV until May 14th and the final decision will be brought on the next meeting on May 16th.
This means that not just that the Macedonian football federation will not search and agitate to hire some experienced coach with good coaching qualities, but will wait for the coaches to offer their services and send their CVs to FFM's address.
Also, by bringing the decision on May 16th, FFM gives clear signals that they have given up for qualifyng for the World Cup 2010, because the new coach will have only ten days to travel across Europe to meet all potential national team members and to check their form and only a week to prepare the team before the two most important matches in June against Norway and Iceland.

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