Shishkovski opts for Lahti

Young goalkeeper Damjan Shishkovski eventually made a transfer abroad signing for Finish top league side Lahti. photo by FC Lahti: Shishkovski signs the contract After several years spent on Rabotnichki’s goal and one failed loaned adventure in Belgium, the 22-year-old finally realized his dream to play abroad. He signed a 1 year long contract with

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Macedonian internationals performances

Two goals in just 60 seconds for Stevica Ristic in the Korean championship. Artim Sakiri and Dragan Nacevski scored one goal each in Azerbaijan, Ivan Trickovski scored for Crvena Zvezda and Ilco Naumoski for Mattersburg but from penalty. Petar Milosevski had a nightmare in Cyprus, while Aleksandar Alcinov saved a penalty in Latvia.

Sunday’s internationals performances

Better performances of the Macedonian internationals that played with their teams on Sunday. Mirsad Mijadinovski, Zlatko Tanevski and Stevica Ristic scored goals for their teams, while Goran Pandev assisted for the only goal for Lazio in the 4:1 defeat at San Siro against Milan.

Mid-week internationals performances

Few Macedonians played in the European Cups this days with Orhan Mustafi beeing the only one in the Champions League. The others in the UEFA Cup and in the leagues across Europe like Nikolce Noveski and Aleksandar Mitreski who faced eachother in the 2. Bundesliga.

Sunday’s internationals performances

Goran Pandev started the new season in italy with a goal and a win. Ilco Naumoski, Zoran Baldovaliev and Vlatko Grozdanoski scored as well, while Vanco Trajanov earned a penalty that brought his team an away win. Dissaster for Goran Maznov and Tom', derby win for Darko Tasevski.