Aleksandar Vasoski

Original name: Александар Васоски Passport version: Aleksandar Vasoski IPA: ˈalɛksandar ˈvasɔski Nickname: Tetovche Club shirt name: Vasoski Position: central defender Born on 21.11.1979 in Skopje, Macedonia Club: retired Former clubs: FK Metalurg Skopje , FK Skopje , FK Vardar Skopje , FK Cementarnica 55 Skopje , Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball e.V. App/Gls: 27/2 First appearance: 27.07.2000,

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Fri/Sat internationals performances

Kemal Alomerovik scored one of the two goals in his team’s victory in Hungary, Filip Ivanovski brought the win to his team in Poland, Boban Grncarov also scored but failed to win in Israel, while Velice Sumulikoski played his first game for Ipswich after a long absence.

The season for Vasoski is over

Unlucky Aleksandar Vasoski will finish this season with only 31 played minutes. After the previous injuries and illness, the doctor of the German national team discovered torn cartilage. After the knee surgery, the season for Vasoski has ended.

Macedonian internationals performances

Good weekend for the Macedonian internationals. Most of them played for their teams and some scored goals like Slavco Georgievski who managed to score twice and Goran Maznov, Aco Stojkov, Filip Ivanovski, Muharem Bajrami, Goran Stankovski and Mensur Kurtisi who scored one goal each.