Season 2006/07

The defending champion will start another season as a favourite for winning the title again. Their best striker Baze Ilioski left the club, but they got 2 new very replacements in the experienced Goran Stankovski and Sasho Aleksovski. They also got a reinforcement in the left side with Lazareveski so now the team of Rabotnicki has 2 very good players for every position.

In: Goran Stankovski (Antwerpen – Belgija), Sasho Lazarevski (Vlazrimi), Sasho Aleksovski (Shkendija 79).
Out: Igor Stojanov (?), Baze Ilijoski (Inchion – S.Korea),


The winner of the Macedonian Cup and last years vice-champion got good signings this summer. They got reinforcements in all parts of the squad by signing the defender Despotovski, midfielder Polozani and the Serbian striker Scepanovic. The players who left the team are not very important.
With this team Makedonija is one again candidate for the top of the table.

In: Scepanovic (Vardar), Polozani, Despotovski (Shkendija 79)

Out: Belcev, Lazarevski, Curlinov (Merdijan FCU 55), Tripunovski (Baskimi), Cvetanovski (/), Simonovski (Maxari S.), Georgievski (/), Manevski, Dameski (Pobeda), Aranitovic (/), Okvacukvu (Nigeria)

The good old Vardar… The club with the biggest tradition just can’t escape from the problems. For a long time the club has problems with the board and the people leading it but it looks like those problems are finaly going to be solved and I expect Vardar to be back on track this season just like in the good old days. Vandeir, the Brasilian with Macedonian passport, is back in the team after a year spent in the German Bundesliga 2. Also they good Nikola Jevtic, another great player from Serbia who is excellent attacking midfielder. Place: 1-3

In: Dos Santos Vandeair (Ofenbach – Germany), Nikola Jevtic (Sartid – Serbia), Nikola Tonev (Bregalnica K), Dimce Ristevski (Pelister).

Out: Vucina Scepanovic (Makedonija GP), Rosen Kaptiev (Beroe – Bulgaria), Minas Osmani (loaned to Shkendija 79), Ace Stojanovski (loaned to Napredok).

Pobeda is another team with good reinforcements brought in this summer. They got some young striker from Congo and they say that he’ll be a real surprise. Also they brought in some experience players from Serbia and our country. Good aspirations by them this season and I would say that they’ll attack for the top but finish in 2-4 place.

In: Itua (Congo), B. Jovanovic (Elan Srbobran – Serbia), Markovic (Elan Srboran – Serbia), Milosavlevic (Radnicki K.- Serbia), Manevski (Makedonija GP)

Out: Kapinkovski (Baskimi)

Sileks change almost the whole team this season. They got new coach-the Serbian Slacko Jovic and he brought many players with him. The reports say that he’s very harsh coach in he’s the man who’ll bring this team on the old tracks.

In: Slavko Jovic – coach (Serbia), Sasko Dimov, Ivan Disic (Belasica), Bosko Stupic, Goran Jovic, Dalibor Markovic (Srbija).

Out: Josip Pirmajer – coach (Serbia) Bosko Petrovic, Dusan Saxakov, Slavisa Brkovic, Ognjen Damjanovic (Serbija), Saso Gjoreski (Brno-Czech Rep.)

This is the team to watch this season. They got good sponsor and I think that finaly they’ll be out of the crisis they had. With those players the got, they’ll be aiming for the top and get to 4-6 place.

In: Arxent Beciri (Arau, Switzerland) Goce Toleski (Rabotnicki K.), Adin Mulaosmanovic (Zeleznicar, BiH), Miroslav Lazarevski (Bregalnica K.), Igor Savevski (Sileks), Labinot Kjosa ( FK. Pri{tina), Zvonimir Stankovi} (Bregalnica K.).

Out: Dragan Veselinovski, Goran Jovanoski, Ljupco Simovski, Srecko Misajlovski (Teteks)

Shkendija is a team with great support by all albanians and albanian teams in Macedonia and good results are exected by this team every year. But this summer they had some financial problems and some the coach and some players left the club. Now they got new albanian coach and some new unknown albanian players. It’s interesting to know that after the transfer made this summer, Shkendija is a team with just albanian players and not a single Macedonian

In: Edmond Miha – coach (Albania), Baskim Arifi (Baskimi), Fljamur Kisiku (Lirija, Prizren), Stavri Qako (FK Skenderbeg, Albania), Kujtim Salihu, Mumin Salai (Sloga J.).

Out: Nexat Husein – coach (?), Sasho Aleksovski (Rabotnicki K.), Artim Polozani, Vladimir Despotovski (Makedonija GP), Admir Demiri (Gostivar), Goranco Georgiev (?), Vasko Stefanov, Vanco Mancevski (Maxari S.), Igor Savevski (Teteks).


With the new coach and the old and very experienced players brought this summer Baskimi will give good fight on the top teams and will try to finish in the upper part of the table.

In: Hisni Maxuni – coach (Kosovo), Kemal Alomerovic (Marek, Bulgaria), Nikola Tripunovski (Makedonija GP), Blagojce Rutevski (second league Portugal), Dimitar Kapinkovski (Pobeda), Mensur Limani (FK Pristina)

Out: Baskim Arifi (Shkendija 79), Faruk Statovci, Erdogan Brando i Fisnik Gasi (Kosovo), Da Silva (Brazil), Ilber Aliju, Erkan Selimi (Skendija 79)


This summer they didn’t sign any player and 2 very important players left them. Last year they had luck but I think that this year they will not be able to escape the relegateion unless they get new owner and money.

In: /

Out: Sashko Lazarevski ( Rabotnicki K.), Bruno Presilski (Pelister)


After the last season finished, thewir owner left them. They finaly got new owner but it was too late some serious preparations for the start of the new season. They should get over those crisis but I’m affraid it will be too late and they’ll have to save themselves in the play-out like last year.

In: /

Out: Taskovic, Stankovic, Lazarevski (Renova), Tonev (Vardar).


Finaly the first league football is back in Bitola – the second biggest city in Macedonia. Pelister is club with big tradition in the Macedonian football but unfortenately they have some financial problems and they had to be relegated. Now they have new management and some problems are still arround the team but Pelister will be back in the top of the Macedonian football in couple of year.

In: Bruno Presilski (Vlazrimi), Dejan Blazevski (Turnovo), Gjorgi Mojsov (Maxari S), Toni Veljanovski (Novaci).

Out: Dimce Ristevski (Vardar).


Like almost all Macedonian football clubs, Napredok has financial problems. That’s why they had not manoey for serious preparations this summer and also they only managed to loan the young striker for Vardar. With this squad I see them going down very fast.

In: Ace Stojanovski (Vardar)

Out: Najdoski (/), Jonoski(/).

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