Sumulikoski, Mitreski and Despotovski around Hubočan

Same old story: Slovakia 1, Macedonia 0

Sumulikoski, Mitreski and Despotovski around HubočanOnce again Macedonia managed to give away a win to the opponent team. This time Slovakia was the one who took the 3 points and forced Macedonia to start the qualification campaign for the EURO 2012 with a defeat.

In a rather boring first half, Macedonia managed to shot once at the Ján Mucha’s goal, while the home team never forced Edin Nuredinovski to show his keeping skils. In the second half, the Slovaks brought to a perfect view the awful tactics put by Mirsad Jonuz. With the right back Todorovski forced to be up in the stands, Vance Sikov whos original position is center back, played everything except like a right back. But it’s not his fault, it’s Jonuz’s. Miroslav Stoch was left alone at that right side of the Macedonian defence and everytime he got a ball he easily centered in the box.


In the 85th minute Vance Sikov tried to simulate an injury and the referee asked him to go outside the field where the team doctors could help him recover. But, as soon as he went out, he wanted to get in and the Swiss ref understood what was happening, he showed Sikov a yellow card for stealing time and than he gave him the red because it was his second yellow. A raw was going one in that moments as some of the Macedonian footballers started nearly a fight with the Slovak players which resulted with Goran Pandev and Miroslav Stoch being given a yellow card. Macedonian coach Mirsad Jonuz tried to calm down his players, but all he got was a red card from the referee.

In the first minute of the injury time, Marek Hamšik got a ball on the problematic Macedonian right side, centered into the box where the Macedonian defenders were just standing like wooden dolls and Filip Hološko scored the winning goal.

To view the match report click here.

In our Group B, Russia beat Andorra away with 2:0, while Ireland beat Armenia also away with 1:0.

Macedonia’s next game is on Tuesday against Armenia at the National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje.


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