Rabotnicki will travel to Azerbaijan

 Rabotnicki's manager Boban Babunski announced that Rabotnicki will not travel to Azerbaijan, but after the meeting with the president Popovski it was decided that the team will play in the Champions League qualifications against Inter Baku.

Boban Babunski announced that FK Rabotnicki and the players were disappointed from yesterday's decision by the Macedonian football federation in which 9 FK Vardar players suspensions were confirmed and they were not allowed to leave the club. FK Rabotnicki seriously counted on some of the players for the upcoming season and the European matches. As a sign for protest for the decision and solidarity for the players, Boban Babunski stated that FK Rabotnicki will not travel to Azerbaijan for the upcoming match from the Champions League qualifications against Inter Baku next week.


But soon after Babunski's statement for the Sports radio, FK Rabotnicki's president Dragan Popovski denied Babunski and stated that it was just his personal statement and it's not a decision by the club. Popovski and Babunski had aimmediate meeting after which was announced that Rabotnicki will travel to Azerbaijan.

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