“Vardar – that’s us”

FK Vardar"Vardar – that's us" is the motto of the newly formed initiative committee for saving FK Vardar – the most famous Macedonian football club and the club with most won trophies.

The initiative committee is formed by "Komiti" – Vardar's supporters group. The initiative is supported by many former Macedonian football legends like Darko Pancev, Vasil Ringov and Ljupco Markovski and many other famous Macedonians like Igor Djambazov who organized the press-conference. The initiative is even supported by Johan Tarculovski and Ljube Boshkovski who sent a letter from Hague's prison.
The main aim of the initiative committee is to change the current leadership of FK Vardar and take the football club out of the agony in which the football club is in the last few years. 

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