Poland vs Macedonia 1:1

 Macedonia drew 1:1 on the friendly match against Poland played in Reutlingen, Germany. With good performance Macedonia was close to take the win, but Poland managed to equalize from a penalty before the end of the match.


1 (0)


1 (1)
 83' Matusiak (pen)

 45' Maznov

Poland: Kuszczak-Bronowicki(Wawrzyniak 46'),Jop,Kokoszka,Golański,Majewski(Saganowski 60'),Gargula(Pazdan 86'),Lewandowski(Dudka 46'),Murawski,Zahorski.
Macedonia: Milosevski-Sedloski,Mitreski,Noveski(Vasoski 46'), Lazarevski(Georgievski 46'),Tasevski(Polozhani 46'),Trajanov(Ristic 68'),Popov(Petrov 62'),Grozdanoski,Pandev(Stojkov 62'),Maznov(Naumoski 46').
20:23:39 Macedonian national team will not be without support on this match and macedonian flags can be seen on the stands. The match should start in about 10 minutes.
20:25:44  Players are on the stadium now. National anthems are played.
20:31:03  Match is under way.
20:36:08  Slow start of the match with Poland having the ball more. Free kick for Poland. Gargula hits it wide.
20:39:05  Matusiak caught in offside.
20:42:25  Poland have the initial domination, but Macedonia's defense is on high level.
20:43:11  Dangerous free-kick for Poland. Ball goes in corner-kick.
20:44:14  Milosevski pucnhes the ball.
20:45:27  First serious chance for Macedonia. Lazarevski crossed the ball but failed to reach Maznov.
20:47:35  Free kick for Poland once again, but the ball is blocked by Mitreski.
20:48:25  After a fast counter-attack, Macedonia gets the first corner kick.
20:49:07  Ball misses everybody.
20:51:43  Middle of the first half. The result is still 0-0.
20:55:30  Pandev with a nice dribbling, but ball intercepted on the way to Maznov.
20:56:25  Popov with a shot from way-out and Kuszczak punches the ball for a corner.
20:57:28  Great pass from Pandev to Maznov but the latter was caught offside in a what could have been 100% chance.
21:01:43  Dangerous free-kick by Gargula but Milosevski saves.
21:06:39 One-two between Pandev and Tasevski. Dangerous free-kick for Macedoina from 20 meters.
21:07:27  Yellow card for Golanski.
21:07:44  Lazarevski hits it high.
21:12:02  42nd minute is shown on the clock. 0-0.
21:13:19  Maznov with a through pass to Pandev, but the assistant referee saw an offside.
21:14:56  Yellow card for Lewandowski after a foul.
21:15:19  Yellow card for Pandev
21:16:10  0:1 After a free-kick taken by Popov, Kuszczak blocked the ball and Maznov was the first to react in Poland's box and scored for Macedonia – Video
21:17:39  HT Right after the first goal, the referee blowed the whistle for a half-time. We are back after the usual break.
21:35:44  Second half-time is under way.
21:37:23  Popov with another strong shot but ball sails past the goal.
21:38:24  Pandev with an excellent chance one-on-one with Kuszczak, but the GK saved it.
21:43:03  Another corner kick for Macedonia. Dissalowed goal for Naumoski as he was offside.
21:46:47  Third substitution for Poland. Saganowski in, Majewski out,
21:48:58  0-2? No. Another offside. Pandev this time.
21:49:45  Pandev out, Stojkov in. Popov out, Petrov in.
21:55:23  Gargula with a shot from 20 meters but the ball goes wide.
21:57:34  Ristic in, Trajanov out.
21:59:51  Corner for Macedonia, but chance squandered.
22:01:32  Dangerous free-kick for Macedonia from about 19 meters.
22:02:29  Polozhani hits it wide.
22:08:12  Yellow card for Grozdanovski.
22:08:52  Corner for Poland and Zahorski hits it with his head, but Milosevski saves.
22:10:15  10 minutes till the final whistle and rain has started falling.
22:11:23  Penalty for Poland after Sedloski 's unintentional handball.
22:12:28  GOAL!!!
22:12:57  1:1 Though Milosevski's went on the right side, Matusiak's shot was too strong and the result is 1-1 – Video.
22:15:57  Gargula out, Pazdan in.
22:17:51  Excellent save by Milosevski after a strong shot by Dudka.
22:19:04  90th minute on the clock.
22:21:02  FT Poland – Macedonia 1:1

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