The logo of the two Pobedas

Pobeda Junior becomes simply Pobeda

The Macedonian federation approved the request of Pobeda Junior to change its name back to Pobeda.

From now on, the football club Pobeda Junior from the city of Prilep will be simply known as Pobeda, without the term Junior. The club is currently in first place in the Third League South.


Pobeda Junior was originally formed as Viktorija in 2010 after the famous club Pobeda was banned by FIFA due to match fixing in the Champions League qualifying match against Armenian side Pyunik back in 2004. The new club claims the rights to Pobeda’s honors and records, referring to itself as its successor. However, they are not legally considered to be successors to the original Pobeda and the two clubs’ track records and honors are kept separate by the Football Federation of Macedonia.

This “successor” club adopted the same logo that was used by the original Pobeda. Even the ultras group “Majmuni” started supporting the newly formed side, but keep in mind that the original club isn’t dissolved. It remains suspended by FIFA for 8 years, until the end of the 2017/18 season. Rumors are circulating that the two clubs will merge after the suspension expires.

The logo of the two Pobedas

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