Players statistics 2008/09

Prva LigaAfter the completion of whole 2008/09 season, we have carefully revised the matches and counted the statistics for particular players. Most goals scored, most assists made, MacedonianFootball points® and cards are here to be presented.

Ivica Gligorovski from Milano is definitely top goalscorer with 15 goals scored, of which only one was from penalty spot. Fully deserved he gets the title for top goal-scorer. He was followed by Besart Ibraimi from Renova and Boško Stupić from Sileks who both scored 13 goals.


Best distributor of goals was definitely Armend Alimi from Milano who assisted on 12 goals. Gligor Gligorov from Sileks made an attack on the first place of this table, but only managed to reach number 11 and stood there. Rabotnicki’s Zé Carlos finished on the third spot with 8 made assists.

The number one favorite for winning MacedonianFootball points® standings was Armend Alimi who was number one for a long time. As already written, these points were made when goals and assists of each player were gathered up and the total sum represented these points. Alimi was leader on this table for a long time, but towards the end of the season Gligorovski, Ibraimi and Gligorov managed to reach him on the first place and even gathered one more point then him. So, the first place with 18 points is shared by these three players, while Alimi and Stupić follow with 17 points.

Several players scored own goals this season, in total 11, but no player scored two own goals. Three Sileks players managed to shoot into their own net.

Regarding the discipline showed through yellow cards, several players passed the border of 10 yellow cads. Aliju from Renova and Itoua from Turnovo gathered up to 11 yellow cards on the matches played this season. Askov (Napredok) and Kostencoski, Vardar’s midfielder, gathered 10 yellow cards.

Concerning red cards there’s one real leader – Krstev from Turnovo Horizont who received 4 red cards throughout the season. He is followed by Despotovski from Renova who has 3 and Statovci and Kukaj from Milano and Askov with 2 red cards.

The full statistics can be found in the forum.

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