Play-offs for 2.MFL West filling confirmed

Three third league runners-up will compete in a round-robin play-off in order to determine the one team that will fill the remaining sport in the group West of the second league.

Since no top flight club got relegated to the 2.MFL West there is an empty spot there. The bottom three clubs Goblen, Gench Kalemler and Teteks are substituted with the winners of third league groups North (Kadino), West (Drita) and Southwest (Ohrid), but promoted first-placed Struga left an empty spot.


That sport will be filled with one of the three third league runners-up which will play a round-robin play-off on neutral field in Tetovo. Participating clubs are: Fortuna (North), Vardari (West) and Vlaznimi (Southwest).

This is the confirmed play-off schedule by FFM:

12 June: Vardari vs. Vlaznimi

15 June: Vlaznimi vs. Fortuna

19 June: Fortuna vs. Vardari

All matches will be played at the Gradski stadium in Tetovo. The top-placed team will earn promotion. If teams end up equal on points head-to-head encounter will break the tie, followed by goal-difference.

Vardari comes from the village of Forino and has never reached the second league with closest coming to promotion in 2015/16 when they got eliminated in the play-offs. Struga based Vlaznimi has played four times in the second league but last time it was nine seasons ago. Fortuna is from Skopje’s neighborhood of Singelich and for them this is the closest they have ever been to a second league promotion.

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