Pitch in Skopje criticized

photo:build.mkBig minus for FFM for yesterday’s quality of the pitch for the match between Macedonia and Cameroon.

Everyone noticed that yesterday one big problem was the quality of the pitch. It was all muddy and reminded many of the conditions when Macedonia hosted Croatia in 2007.


It was easy to spot that players had trouble controlling the ball. But, several days before the match the weather was pretty nice and there were no matches to be played. So, why did we saw such pitch? Can it not be preserved in winter when snow is expected?

Reputable Spanish sports newspaper El Mundo Deportivo listed yesterday’s Skopje conditions for play as the worst amongst every friendly match that was played.

Big money have been spent for the National Arena II of Macedon. But, when critics are received from one of the best sports newspapers in the world – then, apparently, things are not going right. When hosting a friendly match we should at least make sure the conditions for play are good. It is shameful to invite teams for match and then provide no standard conditions for play. After all, we only have one stadium that fits into FIFA’s standards. We can try to make it look right. Because, in bad conditions, not only the quality of the match is lower, but players might get injured. And, nobody wants that.

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