Pandev scores in the Coppa Italia

Pandev (left) celebrates Mauri's goal Goran Pandev scored again for Lazio but this time in the Coppa Italia against Torino. His entrance turned the score around as Lazio was losing 0:1 before he came in.

Lazio beat Torino at Olimpico with 3:1 and advanced into the semi-final where the Biancocelesti will play the winner of Napoli and Juventus. Pandev started the nmatch on the bench as Delio Rossi wanted to rest him for Sunday's game against Cagliari at home. But, Torino was leading 0:1 on half-time with Cesare Natali's goal in the 29th minute, so Pandev had to get in and help his teammates. He substituited Pasquale Foggia on half-time and Lazio was already a better team. Just 4 minutes of play and the score was tied. Who else but Goran Pandev? Stefano Mauri assisted and Pandev beat Torino's goalkeeper Alex Calderoni. Than in the 55th minute Mauri scored from 20 meters and brought Lazio the lead. Tommaso Rocchi scored the final goal as Goran Pandev assisted him from the right side in the 1st minute of the injury time.


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