Pandev challenges Piątek and praises HC Vardar

Goran Pandev first challenged Polish striker Krzysztof Piątek during today’s press-conference and latter talked about Vardar winning the handball Champions League and how that achievement boosts their motive.

photo by Filip Zdraveski: Pandev and coach Angelovski during the press-conference


Both played half a season together at Genoa in the past Serie A season. Piątek joined Goran’s team during last summer and showed great skills up front scoring 13 league goals plus 6 in the Coppa Italia. that resulted with a transfer to Milan in January. So Pandev and Piątek spent only half a season together, but still, they do know each other well.

“I know Piątek were well since he lived in the same flat as I. We used to go on training sessions together. We didn’t make any bet for the match. But tomorrow he will lose so I will ask him to buy me a dinner later.” – said Pandev.

Pandev also talked about the recent great achievement of handball club Vardar who on Sunday won the EHF Champions League for the second time:

“Vardar achieved something that I hardly believe any other Macedonian club will repeat no matter in which sport. Their success is a big motive for us. We all saw how many fans turned out to welcome them home. That means that Macedonians love sport. Our wish is to qualify to the EURO and we hope that even more people will show up to greet us at the same square.”

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