Overview of Round 24 in 2.MFL East & West (Updated)

Makedonija GjP stayed on the West top with a last minute win over Struga, while Gostivar made a step backwards by failing to defeat Labunishta. Wins for Vlazrimi 77, Teteks and Lokomotiva. In the East, Belasica is almost promoted, Borec, Bregalnica and Osogovo celebrated.

photo by Zlatko Topkoski: moment of the Struga – Makedonija GjP derby


Promotion candidates Gostivar made a huge step backwards in the battle for going back in the first league. They barely escaped a defeat at Labunishta as they were down 1:0 thanks to a penalty goal halfway through the first half. Gostivar scored an equalized deep into the stoppage time, but still this point may end up hugely effecting their promotion ambitions.

Teteks had a very tough time away to relegated Novaci. After losing on half-time by a single goal, the Tetovo visitors managed to turn the result in their favor by scoring three goals. Later Novaci only managed to pull one back.

Lokomotiva is still having hopes for salvation as they took the whole points away to Zajazi. A goalsgallore game with turn arounds that got decided with a winner in the 86th minute.

This round’s promotion derby took place on Sunday in Struga where the home side hosted leaders Makedonija GjP. With one goal on each side, the teams were about to share the points. But, deep into the injury time the Lions were awarded a penalty kick. Kostoski took the shot, keeper Burim havziu saved but the Kostovski was the quickest on the rebound and scores a game winning goal.

The other game that was played on Sunday saw Vlazrimi 77 smashing Gorno Lisiche with three goals to null.

West Round 24 results:

Gradska plazha stadium in Struga
Labunishta – Gostivar 1:1 (1:0)
Goals: 25′ (pen) Igor Klechkaroski – 90’+4 Ilirid Ademi
Red cards: 85′ Ersin Fetahi, 90’+4 Hristijan Grozdanoski (G)
Referee: Bobi Velichkov (Veles)

Novaci stadium in Novaci
Novaci – Teteks 2:3 (1:0)
Goals: 35′ Hristijan Atanasovski, 80′ Pece Talevski – 61′, 67′ Meriton Saliji, 70′ Brilant Sulaj
Referee: Kiril Smokovski (Prilep)

Gradski stadium inj Kichevo
Zajazi – Lokomotiva 3:4 (1:1)
Goals: 45′, 53′ Leutrim Dushku, 84′ (pen) Fatmir Ramadani – 9′, 86′ Filip Krstevski, 62′ Vladimir Mojsovski, 66′ Lazar Peev
Referee: Bojan Risteski (Prilep)

Vlazrimi Arena in Kichevo
Vlazrimi 77 – Gorno Lisiche 3:0 (1:0)
Goals: 10′ (pen) Husein Demiri, 81′ Belul Nebiu, 90+2′ Albulen Imeri
Referee: Marjan Eckoski (Ohrid)

Gradska plazha stadium in Struga
Struga – Makedonija GjP 1:2 (1:1)
Goals: 20′ Antonio Kalanoski – 18′ Bobi Bozhinovski, 90’+5 Kristijan Kostovski
Red cards: 78′ Antonio Kalanoski, 90’+5 Flamur Tairi (S)
Referee: Josip Barton (Skopje)

2.MFL West 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

Only one point away is Belasica from officially getting promoted into the first league. They smashed Tikvesh in front of their own fans in Kavadarci to cement themselves on the first place. The Kangaroos were hoping to celebrate a promotion today, but second-placed Borec beat Plachkovica to postpone this ceremony for the next round.

Third-placed Bregalnica celebrated away to Kozhuf in Gevgelija to maintain the step with Borec. Both are fighting for the promotion play-off spot.

Osogovo clinched a must win points away in Valandovo against the already relegated side of Pobeda. But they are still inside the relegation zone.

photo by GFK Osogovo: moment of the match in Valandovo

East Round 24 results:

Gradski stadium in Gevgelija
Kozhuf – Bregalnica 0:1 (0:1)
Goals: 20′ Stefan Mishev
Referee: Igor Ivanov (Veles)

Gradski stadium in Kavadarci
Tikvesh – Belasica 0:5 (0:1)
Goals: 21′, 66′ Aleksandar Vasilev, 74′, 80′ Pepi Gorgiev, 78′ Zoran Mitevski
Referee: Albrim Shakjiri (Struga)

Gradski stadium in Veles
Borec – Plachkovica 3:0 (1:0)
Goals: 38′ Robert Kocev, 55′ (pen) Andrej Acevski, 80′ Gjorgji Gjorgjiev
Referee: Aleksandar Grujoski (Kichevo)

Gradski stadium in Valandovo
Pobeda (V) – Osogovo 3:5 (1:3)
Goals: 34′ Pepi Trajkov, 64′, 87′ Oliver Marinkovikj – 15′ Vladimir Zhoglev, 31′, 60′ Slagjan Mievski, 41′ Dragan Paunov, 70′ Pavle Petrov
Referee: Done Ristovski (Gevgelija)

Sasa was idle.

2.MFL East 2017/18

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-off |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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