OMA – MKD match report

30th December 2001, ??.?? CET
 OMAN 2:0 MACEDONIA Macedonia
HT 0:0
Goals: 51′ Bachir, 58′ Hani Al-Dhabit Faraj Bait Al-Noobi
Stadium: Maǧmaʿ as-sulṭān Qābūs ar-riyāḍī in Muscat
Attendance: 4.000
unknown (GK) Goce Grujoski (GK) out ?’
unknown Panche Stojanov out 46′
unknown Sasho Janev
unknown Zekirija Ramadan
unknown Jurica Siljanovski out 70′
unknown Sasho Lazarevski out 55′
unknown Goce Markovski
unknown Gorancho Georgiev out ?’
unknown Goran Maznov out 60′
unknown Dragan Nachevski out 60′
unknown Dimitar Kapinkovski
unknown (GK) Gogo Jovchev (GK) in ?’
unknown Dejan Dimitrovski in 46′
unknown Boban Grncharov in 70′
unknown Nikola Tanushev in 55′
unknown Jovica Trajchev in ?’
unknown Dragan Dimitrovski in 60′
unknown Vlatko Grozdanoski in 60′
unknown Gjorgji “Gjore” Jovanovski Macedonia
Referee: Abdullah Al-Khasari UAE
Assistants: unknown, unknown
Fourth official: unknown

If you have any information that may help us fill all the missings, please contact us.


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