No anomalies in Pandev’s transfer to Inter

The transfer of Goran Pandev to Inter is officially stated as clean after the Italian disciplinary committee found no anomalies.

The Commissione Disciplinare Nazionale led by Prof. Claudio Franchini declared that the transfer of Macedonian Goran Pandev from Lazio to Inter in January 2010 is clean and without anomalies.


The transfer came under investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The launch of this was decided after the Lazio president Claudio Lotito had submitted some documents deemed sufficient to open a file. Inter’s Rinaldo Ghelfi and Marco Branca as well as players’ agent Carlo Pallavicino had been referred to the Disciplinary Committee by the National Federal Prosecutor. Pallavicino had been referred for “having worked as a mediator on behalf of person who had not been given any mandate”, while Ghelfi and Branca for “having knowingly taken advantage in the negotiations on signing a professional contract with the player Goran Pandev’s agent without been given any mandate.” No evidence was found against any of them.

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