Naumoski declined the EU passport

Ilco Naumoski Ilco Naumoski, the 24 years old macedonian striker, this week declined his austrian passport and from now on he will be holding only macedonian passport and playing as foreigner in his homeland Austria.

Naumoski, who is born in Prilep, Macedonia, went to live in Austria at the age of 4. When he was still a highschooler, he was called up for the austrian U-17 national team but denied the call stating that he only wants to play for his motherland, Macedonia. Today, living about 20 years in Austria, he had to give away his austrian passport because the austrian rules says that citizens of Austria can't have more than one passport.


Ilco, currently playing for SV Mattersburg, has made 21 appereances for Macedonia and has scored 5 goals. He is also regular under Srečko Katanec. 

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