Miško Popovic takes over Vardar

Miško PopovićFamous Serbian businessman represented by his company from Malta "Planet M" takes over Macedonian football team Vardar. Because of the crisis that the most famous Macedonian football club fell in, FK Vardar will have the fifth president in a period of one year.

After the resignation of Trifun Kostovski, FK Vardar fell in big crisis, but for this moment it looks like the crisis have currently ended after the club was taken over by serbian businessman Miško Popović and his company Planet M from Malta.


Miško Popović will rule with the financial part of FK Vardar, while the well known serbian Dragan Aca Bulić will sule the sports part of the club. Aca Bulić was part of the serbian football in the past for a long time. Bojan Zahariev, the macedonian representative of the serbian sports management company "Kick Off" will be the new president of FK Vardar. The former coach of Vardar, Vukašin Višnjevac is planed to have his role in the youth training system, while other former legends of the club are also planed to have one of the leading positions in the club.

The changes have already started. Milko Gjurovski is no longer coach of the club and very soon the name of the new coach will be announced. The new owner of the club Popović on the meeting with the journalists today announced the official promotion of the new Vardar on a friendly match against Italian club Napoli in the begining of February.

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