Macedonian First League – Round 21

Rabotnicki - Renova Reigning champions Rabotnicki continued with their bad results but this time with their first home defeat after almost two years, while Pobeda defeated Pelister in the big derby of Pelagonija. As expected, Makedonija won over Napredok, Metalurg and Vardar drew, while Turnovo surprised Milano.

Rabotnicki Skopje – Renova Dzepciste 1:3 (1:0)
31' Perendija – 58' Todorovski, 61' Emini, 71' Ali
After 23 months or 27 played matches, Rabotnicki was finally defeated at home. The last home defeat was the 1:2 with Pobeda in May, 2007 and after the impressive period of almost two years, Renova went home with three points from Skopje.
The match started with cautious play by both teams. The visiting players showed that they haven't arrived for defending, but during there were no serious chances on both sides on the beginning of the match. The low number of fans on the Philip || of Macedon stadium in Skopje waited until the 29th minute for the first real chance when Bozinovski sent a long shot towards Renova's goal. This was awakening chance as in the next attack on the other side, Ibraimi came alone against the goalkeeper Naumovski but missed the target. And then came the punishment, as after a corner kick taken by Ze Carlos, defender Milan Perendija was highest in the box and sent a header in the goal for 1:0 lead. Towards the end of the half, Renova had a chance to equalize, but Naumovski managed to save the free kick taken by Ibraimi from 25 meters.
Rabotniski's lead on half time brought very interesting second half. In the 52nd minute Filhio had a chance to double the lead but his shot from 18 meters was saved by Kovacevic. Interesting and a little bit contraversial situation happened in the 58th minute. A free kick near the edge of the box was awarded to Renova, but they didn't wait for Rabotnicki's defence and caught them unprepared so Todorovski scored for equalizing 1:1 against the confused players of Rabotnicki. The home players tried to overcome the shock and made pressure but failed to threaten on Renova's goal. The guests on the other side, used Rabotnicki's confuseness and attacked with counter attacks. In the 61st minute after a very fast counter attack Emini ran on the right side and entered the box and when the goalkeeper Naumovski expected a cross towards the center, Emini shot in the goal and took Renova in the lead. Ten minutes later, another fast counter attack and great through ball for Ali who ran in front and scored for 1:3. Towards the end of the match, Rabotnicki attacked towards Renova's goal, but the guests successfully managed to kept their goal and won one of the most important points this season.


Pobeda Prilep – Pelister Bitola 2:0 (2:0)
28' Stanojlovic, 29' Krstev(pen)
The previous 54 matches between the big rivals Pobeda and Pelister brought big interest between the fans, but this time only 1000 fans came to see the 55th former big derby of Pelagonija and this year a derby of the bottom. Before this match, Pobeda was on the bottom, two points behind Pelister, so this match was extremely important for both teams.
Pobeda used the home advantage and started attacking to win the points but the guests also attacked during the first half. Nestoroski had few chances for Pobeda, while Talevski and Glavevski for Pelister, but nothing serious until the 28th minute. After a free kick and a cross towards the box, Stanojlovic sent a header and took Pobeda in the lead. Only a minute later Obradovic was fouled in the box and Pobeda was awarded a penalty kick. Mile Krstev took the kick and set the 2:0 score.
In the second half, Pobeda lowered the pace and pulled back to defend the lead, but Pelister didn't use this opportunity and failed to make pressure on Pobeda's goal. Towards the end of the match Obradovic had a chance to score another goal for Pobeda, but Pelister's goalkeeper Nikov saved his kick.
With this win, Pobeda continued the better record as after 55 played matches, Pobeda has 28 wins, 12 matches have ended with a draw, while Pelister won 15 matches.

Makedonija GjP Skopje – Napredok Kicevo 1:0 (0:0)
62' Brnjarcevski
Leaders Makedonija, harder then expected won the points against Napredok. The hosts had complete domination over Napredok but missed many good scoring opportunities. The striker Kleckaroski on few ocasions had chances to score, but his shots were mainly saved by goalkeeper Karamacoski or finished next to the goal. Makedonija's domination can be confirmed with the fact that Napredok's first shot on target was in the 60th minute of the match when Pavlovic saved Levkov's shot. Only two minutes later, Kleckaroski assisted Brnjarcevski in the box who finally scored for Makedonija's lead. Makedonija continued attacking and had several chances towards the end of the match, but the match finished with 1:0
Makedonija still has 5 points lead in front of Renova, while Napredok have fallen down on the bottom of the table.

Metalurg Skopje – Vardar Skopje 1:1 (1:1)
25' Neno – 43' Belcev
Strengthened Metalurg hosted weakened but motivated Vardar. The motivation was big on both sides and maybe even too big for some of Metalurg's players who played too aggressive over Vardar's young players, which can be seen by the seven yellow cards shown on this match, all of them to Metalurg.
Emrulahu had the first chance on the match when in the 18th minute sent a shot from free kick, but it ended over Metalurg's goal. Few minutes later, a free kick was awarded to Metalurg. Brazilian Neno took the kick, the ball bounced near goalkeeper Pacovski and ended in the net for 1:0 lead. Vardar's players supported by their big group of fans on the stadium in Zelezarnica, slowly consolidated and went towards Metalurg's goal. Two minutes before the half time, Gligorov took a corner kick and the newly signed Marjan Belcev scored for equalizing the score.
Both teams played much slower and very cautious football in the second half. Metalurg had a very big scoring chance but Ilijoski missed the target and Ejupi on the other side had a chance for Vardar, but at the end they shared the points.

Horizont Turnovo – Milano Kumanovo 2:0 (1:0)
25' Andonov, 85' Itua
Milano traveled to Turnovo without few key players in their squad and the hosts used this chance and continued their great home record where they are still not defeated. The few hundred fans on the Kukush stadium in Turnovo saw interesting match with two goals and two red cards. Marjan Andonov in the first and Rok Itua in the second half brought the win for Turnovo, while Popcanovski from Turnovo and Brando from Milano were sent off.

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