Macedonian First League – Round 15

Rabotnicki - Pelister With the 1:1 against Renova, Vardar continued the row of five draws, while reigning champions Rabotnicki and leaders Makedonija GjP earned easy three points with their wins over Pelister and Sileks in the 15th round of the Macedonian first league.

Renova Dzepciste – Vardar Skopje 1:1 (0:1)
86' Nuhiu – 21' Emrulahu
Renova hosted Vardar in Ohrid because of the suspension of their stadium. Before this match, Vardar had an row of four matches without a defeat, bad the bad side of this information is that failed to win in these matches. And again today they continued with their strike and completed another match with a draw, but the good news is that they finally stopped the bad record and scored a goal after 433 minutes (including the cup) without a goal.
Vardar traveled to Ohrid without several injured players and Renova tried to use their crisis and takeover the 3rd position by winning this match. The first serious chance for Renova came in the 12th minute when Besart Ibraimi took a free kick but his strike only hit the post. Three minutes later Todorovski entered the box and sent a shot from the right side but the ball went next to the goal. After the several missed chances, Vardar punished Renova. Burhan Emrulahu shot from the edge of the box and his strong shot hit one of Renova's defenders and changed the direction into the net. Vardar's lead gave extra motivation for Renova who continued attacking. In the 34th minute Ibraimi sent another long shot from 18 meters but goalkeeper Pacovski blocked the ball.
In the second half, Vardar unnecessarily pulled back and tried to defend the lead. They were successful in their attempt and managed to control Renova's attacks who failed to create serious chances and mostly tried to threaten with long shots. And then, in the 86th minute, Fisnik Nuhiu saw that Vardar's goalkeeper Pacovski wasn't on his position on the goal line and sent a fantastic lob shot from outside the box which flew above the goalkeeper and finished in the goal. Not just that Renova managed to equalize, but they could have won the match when in the 89th minute after a low cross from the right side, Andonov was only centimeters short from deflecting the ball in the goal.


Makedonija GjP Skopje – Sileks Kratovo 4:1 (1:0)
28' Lena, 51' Brnjarcevski, 87' Ivanovski, 90' Mitrev – 90' Stupic
Leaders Makedonija continued their good form and managed to get another easy win on their stadium in Gjorce Petrov. The guests from Kratovo managed to resist on Makedonija's attacks, but only for 28 minutes. Nijazi Lena entered the box and even managed to dribble the goalkeeper Simov and scored the opening goal.
In the 51st minute scored for 2:0 after a double pass with Lena. But while scoring the goal, he colided with the goalkeeper Goran Simov who was immediately taken to the hospital with a broken leg. Makedonija's lead and the unpleasant situation after Simov's injury, gave motivation for Sileks whose players started attacking but Gligorov's miss was the only serious chance. The strikers woke up again in the last minutes of the match. In the 87th minute, after Lena's cross, Washington missed the ball, but newly entered Ivanovski received it and scored for 3:0. Few minutes later, Ambourouet sent a strong cross from the left and Mitrev shot from close range for 4:0. In the last seconds of the match, Ristic was fouled in Makedonija's box and the referee whistled for a penalty. Bosko Stupic in the 95th minute scored from the 11m spot for the final 4:1. 

Rabotnicki Skopje – Pelister Bitola 3:0 (1:0)photo gallery
25' Krstevski, 56' Filho, 74' Kirovski
Easier than expected, Rabotnicki won the three points against Pelister. The snow and the extremely cold weather, kept the Macedonian football fans at home, as only less than a hundred fans came today on the Gradski stadium today to watch one of the most interesting matches in this round.
As expected, Rabotnicki started dominating from the beginning of the match. During the biggest part of the first half, the ball was in front of Pelister's goal, but their defenders were more successful and didn't allow Rabotnicki to threaten on their goal. But they were successful in that for only 25 minutes when Filho took a free kick from the right side and Aleksandar Krstevski with a header struck the ball in the net for Rabotnicki's lead. Rabotnicki continued attacking, but the score stayed unchanged until the half time.
And again, same as the first half, Rabotnicki continued attacking and it resulted with another goal in the 56th minute by the Brazilian midfielder Ze Carlos Filho who sent a strong shot from 18 meters. In the 70th minute the same player scored another goal, but after a short consultation with his assistants, the referee disallowed the goal because of an offside. Only few minutes later, Kristijan Kirovski continued his great goal scoring form and with another goal confirmed the easy victory for Rabotnicki.
After the third goal, Pelister's players woke up and started attacking, but failed to send a threatening shot on Georgievski's goal and left Skopje with big disappointment, failing to improve their bad record of only one point on the seven away played matches.

Napredok Kicevo – Pobeda Prilep 2:0 (0:0)
57' Kostencoski, 88' Angeleski
After the disastrous defeat from the last round, Napredok with the new coach Dragan Boceski hosted Pobeda in Kicevo. Both teams played very cautious which resulted with only few chances on both sides and boring first half. The most interesting part of the match was the 39th minute when after a brawl between Simjanovski and Ristevski, the referee tried to calm them with yellow cards, but that didn't help and he showed them red cards and both teams continued with 10 men on the pitch.
In the second half, Napredok created two good chances and scored two goals. Cvetanovski in the 57th minute started the attack from the left, passed to Niceski who assisted Kostencoski for the opening goal. Two minutes before the end of the match, Stepanovski assisted Angeleski who scored the second goal for confirmation of the important win for Napredok.

Horizont Turnovo – Metalurg Skopje 1:0 (1:0)
40' Kleckaroski
The "derby of the bottom" was played in Turnovo where Horizont hosted Metalurg. The hard battle for the points in the fight against relegation, resulted with a red card for Turnovo's goalkeeper Dimovski in the middle of the first half. But the guests failed to use the players advantage and left home with empty hands when Kleckaroski scored the only goal on this match which brought the three points for Turnovo. 

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