Macedonian 1st League – Round 8

 Round 8 of the Macedonian league will be remembered by the disgraceful incident that happened in Tetovo. Yet again, the notorious tunnel in Tetovo City stadium was scene of an attack from Renova officials just before half time. The match was abandoned when the away team refused to continue with the match.

Renova Dzepciste – Makedonija GjP Skopje (0:1)abandoned
39' Wahington
The match between Renova and Makedonija was supposed to be the most interesting match in this round, because it involved inform teams from the top of the Macedonian league. The match was the most interesting, but sadly, not because of the play, but because of an incident.
In the 39th minute the Gabonese national team member Georges Ambourouet assisted Washington who sent a header in Renova's net and took Makedonija GjP in the lead. Makedonija's lead created tensed atmosphere and just before the half time whistle in the 45th minute, there was a brawl on the pitch after which Ambouret was sent off. While he was leaving the pitch, unknown person attacked Ambourouet in front of the tunnel, a well known tunnel on the stadium in Tetovo where a lot of incidents have happened before. Georges Ambourouet was heavily beaten and in unconscious condition was urgently taken to the hospital.
Because of the serious incident, Makedonija GjP have decided not to continue the match and the match was abandoned.


Pelister Bitola – Sileks Kratovo 3:1 (0:0)
63' Miranda, 82' Todorovski, 90' Glavevski – 61' Gligorov
Both teams tried to win the three points today, Pelister for escaping the crisis after the change of the board and Sileks for making a surprise and writing the first win this season. That's why both teams started the match with fast and open play, but except for the many mistakes and shots wide of the target, no other serious threats were created on the goals. Miranda had the most serios chance on the begining of the match when he headed over the goal after Petkovski's cross from the left. Towards the end of the first half Todorovski and Momirovski had the chance to score, but their headers were cleared by Sileks' defence. Sileks had the most serious chance in the first half when Stojanovski got through alone in the box, but shot over Nikov's goal.
On the start of the second half, Gligorov had great chance to take Sileks in the lead, but his shot passed by the goal. Later in the second half Pelister took over the initiative and tried to score, but in the 61st minute after a fast counter attack Gligor Gligorov got alone in front of Nikov and didn't find it hard to take Sileks in the lead. But their celebration didn't lasted long because in the next attack, Miranda sent a long shot from 20 meters and scored a fantastic goal for 1:1.
Pelister continued attacking on Sileks' goal but failed to create any serious chance. And then, in the 82nd minute Markovic fouled Glavevski in the box and the referee Stavrev whistled for a penalty kick. Zlatko Todorovski didn't miss this chance and scored for Pelister's lead. Sileks then went in attack and tried to equalize, but the hosts used this and in the last minute of the match Glavevski scored another goal for confirmation of Pelister's win.

Pobeda Prilep – Metalurg Skopje 3:1 (1:0)
19' Tripunovski, 53' Nacev, 61' Nestoroski – 91' Gjurcevski
Pobeda hosted newly promoted Metalurg and as expected, they managed to win their third victory this season. The hosts started attacking from the beginning of the match and finally after few nice chances, in the 19th minute Tripunovski scored the opening goal. The same result stayed untill the half time, despite Pobeda's domination.
In the second half Pobeda continued with their chances on the opponent's goal, which resulted with goals by Nacev in the 53rd and Nestoroski in the 61st minute. Gjurcevski only lowered the defeat in the 91st minute of the match.

Milano Kumanovo – Napredok Kicevo 5:0 (2:0)
4' 13' Gligorovski, 50' 62' Geshoski, 60' Ristov
Milano proved their favorite role on the match against Napredok and right on the start of the match in the 4th minute, Ivica Gligorovski took the hosts in the lead. In the 42nd minute, Pop Panev was sent-off and Napredok was left with 10 men which made it even easier for Milano.
Geshoski scored two goals and Ristov one in the second half of the match, for final 5:0 win.

The match between Vardar and Turnovo will be played on Tuesday at 15:00.
Rabotnicki was free this round.

Video from the Renova-Makedonija incident and goals from Pelister-Sileks 400 300]

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