Macedonian 1st League – Round 12

Pobeda - Vardar The surprise by Napredok on the match in Skopje against Rabotnicki and the four draws on the five played matches, marked the round 12 of the Macedonian first league. The match that took the attention this round was the scoreless draw between Pobeda and Vardar.

Pobeda Prilep – Vardar Skopje 0:0 (0:0)
The 52nd duel between Pobeda and Vardar was played this round. Couple of interesting facts came out before this derby. One of the facts is that Pobeda's captain today was the 37-years-old veteran Darko Krsteski who was also part of the match between Pobeda and Vardar played on 23/08/1992 in the first round of the first season of the Macedonian league from the independence of Macedonia. The other interesting fact is that the football federation of Macedonia named Zoran Petkovski as referee on this match, a well known former member and regular player of Pobeda.
Before this match Vardar had a bad row of five matches (including the cup) without a win. This fact and the new coach made a big pressure and an imperative for a win. But the hosts were extra motivated like always against Vardar and didn't even think of giving up. Only five minutes passed and the intense atmosphere and the big motivation on both sides gave the first result – one brokern nose. Lazar Stanisic was the victim and in the next ten minutes Vardar played with a player less, until Milko Gjurovski decided to throw the 16-years-old Dino Najdoski in to fire and didn't make a mistake, as the young defender is real successor of his father, the legendary Macedonian defender Ilija Najdoski.
Vardar had more of the ball possession in the first half and it resulted with the first big chance in the 14th minute. Milisavlevic sent great pass to Emrulahu who came alone close to the goalkeeper, but Aleks Vrteski blocked his shot. In the 37th minute the same situation was repeated. This time Emurlahu sent a stronger shot, but the goalkeeper Vrteski again blocked the shot.
The guests continued with the small pressure in the second half and after one foul by Krsteski over Bajevski, the referee whistled for a penalty in the 49th minute. Aleksandar Bajevski decided to take the penalty kick and he was successful, but the referee decided to disallow the goal because of the players who entered the box before the kick was taken. And in the second attempt, the goalkeeper Vrteski was more successful and saved the kick.
Vardar's coach Milko Gjurovski was forced to make the third substitution in the 65th minute. He strengthened and refreshed the attack, but this didn't have any positive impact on Vardar's realization. Pobeda had their biggest chance for scoring in the 78th minute. Nastoski came very close to the goal from the left side, but his shot was blocked by a defender.
In the last part of the match both sides pulled back and mostly fighted in the middle of the pitch. At the end, Pobeda and Vardar shared the points and this outcome was probably the most realistic outcome after the today's show. The current record between Pobeda and Vardar is 16 wins for Pobeda, 9 draws and 27 wins for Vardar.


Rabotnicki Skopje – Napredok Kicevo 1:1 (1:0)
36' Kirovski – 75' Levkov
Rabotnicki were big favorites before the match and had the chance to move to the top of the table with a win against the underdogs Napredok, but the guests didn't give up so easy.
The home players started with the pressure from the beginning of the match. They created few chances, but failed to score as Perendija hit the the bar and the shot by Savic ended in the post. In the 36th minute Hristijan Kirovski continued his great scoring form and scored his 7th goal this season. He sent a shot from 18 meters in the lower left corner of the goal after which the ball hit the post and finished in the net.
Rabotnicki continued with the small pressure in the 2nd half and the most serious chance came by Ljamcevski who hit the bar. But Napredok didn't got scared by the champions. Rabotnicki unnecessarily pulled back in order to save their lead. Napredok's players used this and tried to equalize. Blagoj Levkov was most skilful in the 75th minute and used a mistake by Rabotnicki's defence and scored for 1:1. Towards the end of the match Rabotnicki tried to score the winning goal, but Napredok were more successful in their defence and kept the score until the end which brought them a very important point.

Metalurg Skopje – Milano Kumanovo 0:1 (0:0)
68' Gesovski
Gjore Jovanovski coaching Metalurg hosted his former club Milano, the club which had the biggest success under his lead. Both teams needed the points as Metalurg try to avoid the bottom and Milano keeps the step with the leaders, but the few hundred fans went home dissapointed, not just because Metalurg lost, but because of the not so interesting match with not many real scoring chances.
After a boring and not so brave performance by both sides, the first biggest scoring chance happened in the 68th minute and luckily for the guest, Blagojce Gesoski was skilful enough and after scored for with a header for 0:1 after Cuculi's cross from the left, which was also the final score of this match. After this match, Milano climbed on the 3rd position and Metalurg stayed on the bottom. 

Horizont Turnovo – Makedonija GjP Skopje 1:1 (0:1)
48' Kleckaroski – 8' Ivanovski
Turnovo won very important point against the Makedonija. The guests were favorites on this match as the current leaders, but Turnovo proved that the home pitch is big advantage in the Macedonian football league. Young Mirko Ivanovski scored the leading goal for Makedonija but on the start of the 2nd half, Nikolce Kleckaroski scored the equalizer.
Besides the draw away to 10th placed Turnovo, Makedonija GjP kept the lead as Vardar also didn't win in this round.

Sileks Kratovo – Renova Dzepciste 1:1 (0:1)
72' Gligorov – 40' Todorovski
The round of draws was completed with the draw on the match between Sileks and Renova. This draw was probably the most expected, as after 11 played matches Sileks has seven draws.
Blagoja Todorovski took Renova in the lead, but Gligor Gligorov scored the last goal for final 1:1.

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