Macedonia stayed on the 66th position

Besides the win against Canada and the draw away to Iran, Macedonia gained only 15 points and stayed on the 66th position with 491 points on the latest FIFA World Ranking for November 2009.

This month Macedonia defeated Canada (ranked 57th) with 3:0 and drew away to Iran (ranked 63rd) with 1:1, but there were no changes in the placement on the FIFA World Ranking. Macedonia stayed on the 66th position with 491 points, 10 less then Saudi Arabia and 15 more then Morocco.


Belgium Belgium

65 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 501
66 FYR Macedonia Macedonia 491
67 Morocco Morocco 476
68 Cyprus Cyprus 472

Spain now took over the lead in front of Brazil, Netherlands, Italy and Portugal.

On the rankings only for the UEFA members, Macedonia kept the same position and is ranked 35th in Europe (the actual FIFA placement is shown in the brackets):

(62) 33 Austria Austria 520
(64) 34 Belgium Belgium 504
(66) 35 FYR Macedonia Macedonia 491
(68) 36 Cyprus Cyprus 472
(73) 37 Montenegro Montenegro 456

The next ranking will be released on 16 December.

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