Macedonia – Israel 1:2 (Photo&Video)

Adis Jahovikj shots; photo: Kristijan DimevskiMacedonia disappointed its fans but losing at home and even missing a penalty for equalizer deep in the injury time.

Second game, second defeat for the Lynx. After the opening 2:1 defeat away to Albania, the Macedonian fans were expecting at least a win in the home game against Israel, but left the National Arena Philip II of Macedon angry and disappointed.


The bad result was somehow announced by having problems to play the home anthem before the game. The players and the fans were standing in silence for quite a while before eventually they could sing the “Denes nad Makedonija”. Macedonia for the first time played in the new jerseys which didn’t prove to bring luck, but at least they look great.

The strange situation during the anthems:

Macedonia started the game good, created two big chances that were somehow missed by Goran Pandev and later Israel managed to punished that. Eyal Golasa found Tomer Hemed in the box who with a header broke the deadlock in the 25th minute.

Pandev missed a chance; photo: Kristijan Dimevski

The home team was shocked from this situation, but had to move on. As Macedonia controlled the game and was trying to equalize, a great counter attack moments before the break saw Israel taking a strong 2:0 lead. Nir Bitton send a through ball for Tal Ben Chaim who had to dribble Bogatinov in order to score.

Israel went on half-time with huge chances for winning their first 3 points, while many of the fans in the stadium disappointed left the game during the break.

Hasani is being brought down by Almog Cohen; photo: Kristijan Dimevski

Before the second half coach Angelovski decided to make a change in the midfield by introducing Stefan Spirovski instead Milovan Petrovikj who underperformed as was the worst player in the team. Few minutes into the second half and Macedonia to decided to put everything in the attack as Besart Ibraimi was brought in instead central defender Vanche Shikov.

Macedonia again started pressing towards the visiting goal,which eventually resulted in a goal in the 63rd minute. Spirovski assisted for Nestorovski who scored his second in the red uniform. The striker of Palermo in is a great goalscoring form as previously for his club he scored 3 goals in the last 4 Serie A matches. That goal brought back hope that Macedonia can avoid an embarrassing defeat.

Nestorovski celebrtaes; photo: Kristijan Dimevski

Now a goal down, the Macedonians were trying to reach again the visiting net, but Israel defended well. Then, striker Adis Jahovikj was brought in for captain Goran Pandev around the 70th minute. It would prove be the crucial event in the match.

Hasani, Alioski & Mojsov congratulate Nestorovski; photo: Kristijan Dimevski

In the last minute of the injury time, Macedonia had a great chance to score, but before taking a shot Nestorovski was pulled for his jersey in the box resulting in a penalty kick for Macedonia and a direct red card for Eytan Tibi.

Pandev is the penalty taker, but since he was already taken off, someone else had to take it. Coach Angelovski has a rule that the player that won the penalty mustn’t take it so that ruled out Nestorovski as well. Ferhan Hasani and Adis Jahovikj went for the ball, but the later was quicker and grab it.

Jahovikj had a chance to be the hero, to save Macedonia from a home defeat, to make the crowd award the players with a well deserved standing ovation at the end as despite losing 2:1 the Macedonian footballers gave their best.

Adis fired a low shot in the left corner of the goal, but was well read by keeper David Goresh who saved his shot and stole his glory. Goresh is now the hero of the game.

Angelovski can be satisfied by the performance, but not by the result; photo: Kristijan Dimevski

To view the match report, click here.

Macedonia now has another game on Sunday as we host Italy at the same venue at 20.45 CET.

The goals:

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