Macedonia finally wins in Skopje

macedoniaAfter more then 3 years and 9 qualification matches, the Macedonian national team finally won a match on the "Gradski" stadium in Skopje. The whole match was dedicated for Tose Proeski who died in car accident earlier on Tuesday.

At least 18000 fans came on the "Gradsk" stadium in Skopje to say the final good bye to the great singer Tose Proeski and also to give the support to the Macedonian national team.
With great motivation, Macedonian players had good start on the match. After few missed chances, Naumoski managed to break into Andorra's defensive "bunker" and scored for the Macedonian lead.
Before the end of the first half Macedonian captain Goce Sedloski celebrated his 80th appearance in the national team, with a great great goal from volleying a loose ball on the edge of the penalty area.
In the second half Macedonians continued with their attacks and Pandev in the 59th minute scored his 12th goal for the national team and the last goal for the 3:0 victory of Macedonia over Andorra.

Macedonia: Tome Pacovski, Nikolce Noveski, Goce Sedloski, Vlade Lazarevski, Igor Mitreski, Goran Popov, Velice Sumulikoski, Darko Tasevski (Vanco Trajanov, 84), Goran Maznov (Stevica Ristic, 62), Ilco Naumoski (Artim Polozani, 75), Goran Pandev.

Andorra: Koldo Alvarez, Oscar Sonejee, Juli Fernandez, Ildefons Lima, Jose Manuel Ayala, Jordi Escura, Marc Pujol, Justo Ruiz (Xavi Andorra, 63), Manolo Jimenez (Alex Somoza, 78), Marcio Vieira, Toscano Baltran.


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