Macedonia – Canada 3:0

alt Macedonia – Canada 3:0. With the two goals scored by Pandev from penalty shots and Sedloski’s header, Macedonia celebrated a 3:0 win over Canada.


Victory for Macedonia in a good match where we could have seen more goals had Macedonia used their chances and Canada not missed two penalties.

National team veteran defender Stavrevski Goran has just had his farewell from the red&yellow shirt. Stavrevski had 41 caps for Macedonia and had scored 3 goals.


Macedonia: Pacovski (Naumovski 85′), Lazarevski (R. Popov 46′), G. Popov, Mitreski (Sedloski 46′), Noveski (Mojsov 66′), Sumulikoski (c), Despotovski, Georgievski (Alimi 77′), Pandev, Stojkov (Savic 59′), Naumoski (Ibraimi 46′).


The first 10 minutes have passed with an equal play, maybe Macedonia can be considered as more motivated for the match.

Sumulikoski had an opportunity from a free-kick but ball fails to meet anyone and ends in a goal-kick.

Ilco Naumoski sent a beautiful shot in the16th munute from 16 meters out, but Canadian goalkeeper saved the ball with an excellent move.

Pandev passed to Georgievski, he had Naumoski to his left, chose to shoot instead, but ball ends past the goal.

Third opportunity for Naumoski! 22nd minute, he has received an usable ball from Lazarevski from the right side, but his header was saved by the keeper.

Corner for Macedonia in the 25th minute. Noveski hits the post with a header!

Yet another opportunity for Macedonia, Pandev lowered one ball to Despotovski, but Wagenaar once again saves for a corner. 

Noveski once again tallest in the box after the corner kick taken by Pandev, but this time his header was a bit too high.

34th minute and Canada gets the second corner of the game. Ball for Macedonia.

Corner for Macedonia on the other side and once again Noveski with an opportunity and once again ball ends just a bit higher then the goal. Canada have luck so far with this result. 

Stojkov! 42nd minute. Popov with an excellent running down the left side, crosses the ball to Stojkov but Falkirk’s keeper Wagenaar once again saves.

Georgievski!!! 43rd minute and definitely the best chance of the match. No more then 7 meters distance from the goal, but Tupan shoots wide. 

Half time.

Excellent performance by Macedonia regarding creating chances, but awful finishing. So many created chances and not single one used. 

Second half kick-off.

Newly-entered Ibraimi with a long-range shot, but ball ends wide. 

Opportunity for Canada on the other side, but Pacovski saves.

Corner for Macedonia. Finally!!! Goal!!! Goce Sedloski just entered the match and his first contact with the ball is turned into a goal. 48th minute.

Corner for Canada now, but Sedloski clears the danger.

Excellent free kick opportunity for Canada from the edge of the box. Noveski into corner.

Noveski clears the ball from the goal line for a second corner in a row.

Penalty kick for Canada! Despotovski played with hand in the box after the corner.

Hume against Pacovski… Misses!!! Ball ends wide.

Canada with small pressure in this period of the game.

Savic enters the game on Stojkov’s place in the 59th minute.

Georgievski passes ball for Savic, his first contact with the ball ends in a penalty for Macedonia!!!

Pandev against Wagenaar!!! 61st minute.

GOAL!!! 20th goal for Pandev for the national team. Pandev manages to turn the penalty-kick into a goal.

Noveski leaves the game to make place for Mojsov. Excellent performance by Noveski in this match.

Yellow card for Mojsov after a foul inside the box and second penalty for Canada!

Jackson against Pacovski.

Pacovski!!! Pacovski saves the low shot from penalty in the 70th minute.

Substitution for Macedonia. Alimi entered the match, Georgievski went out.

We are closing in on this match, Macedonia controls the lead, controls the match and a new win is smiling for the national team.

Dusan Savic got a yellow card.

Goran Popov tried to cross from the left, but his pass went far. 84th minute.

5 minutes till the end and coach Jonuz gives chance to Naumovski who has repalced Pacovski between the posts.

Naumovski blocks a cross from the left side. Two minutes until regular 90.

The 90 minutes have passed. Only added time remains.

Penalty for Macedonia! Despotovski was fouled inside the box.

Pandev with a chance for his second goal of the match.

AND A GOAL!!! Pandev uses the second penalty for him and for Macedonia. 3-0.

Full time. 

Victory for Macedonia. Three goals scored, two from penalty. Canada missed two penalties. Macedonia were by far the better opponent, but despite the many created chances, none was turned into a goal in the first half. Newly-entered Sedloski turned his first touch with the ball into a goal after a corner kick. Newly-entered also, Savic was fouled inside the box for a penalty for Macedonia which was successfully turned into a goal by Pandev. In the added time Despotovski suffered a foul inside Canada’s 16-meters box and Pandev once again was better then Wagenaar and managed to score the second goal of the match, his 21st for Macedonia. Canada’s Hume missed the whole goal from Canada’s first 11-meters shot, while Pacovski saved Jackson’s shot from the white spot.

To view the match report click here.

On Wednesday, Macedonia visits Iran for another friendly match.

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