LIE – MKD match report

12th November 2005, 16.00 CET
Liechtenstein LIECHTENSTEIN 1:2 MACEDONIA Macedonia
HT 1:0
Goals: 33′ Fabio D’Elia – 81′ Zoran Baldovaliev, 90’+3 Bazhe Ilijoski
Stadium: Rheinpark in Vaduz
Attendance: 1.350
Peter Jehle (GK) Ljupcho Kmetovski (GK)
Martin Telser Nikolche Noveski out 58′
Daniel Hasler (C) Aleksandar Vasoski
Fabio D’Elia yellow card 49′ out 50′ Goce Sedloski (C) yellow card 41′
Michael Stocklasa Igor Mitreski
Roger Beck out 71′ Toni Meglenski yellow card 81′
Martin Stocklasa yellow card 41′ Darko Tasevski out 60′
Raphael Rohrer out 78′ Dancho Masev out 71′
Franz Burgmeier out 30′ Goran Pandev yellow card 90′
Benjamin Fischer Artim Shakjiri out 46′
Thomas Beck Ilcho Naumoski yellow card 38′ out 50′
Marco Ritzberger in 50′ Goran Popov in 58′
Wolfgang Kieber in 71′ Veliche Shumulikoski in 60′
Stefan Büchel in 78′ Arben Nuhiu in 71′
Ronny Büchel in 30′ Zoran Baldovaliev in 46′
unknown Bazhe Ilijoski in 50′
unknown unknown
unknown unknown
Martin Andermatt (SUI) Boban Babunski (MKD)
Referee: Markus Nobs (SUI)
Assistants: Rudolf Käppeli, Reto Johann (SUI)
4th Official: unknown

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