Katanec: We can do much better

Srečko Katanec After the match against Moldova that finished with a disappointing 1:1, Macedonian national team coach  Srečko Katanec gave an interview for the Football federation of Macedonia’ web page. We give you the complete interview.


– I think that although we were better and we could have won, the result is not important because this is a friendly test game on which I gave chance to all players unlike the opponent who made only three substitutions and all of them on the end of the game.


– Of course that this happens, especially when it comes to this period of preparations when most of the players are having light trainings. It is good that we have gathered, after all we have talked about what is expecting us and what do we have to do to end these qualifications successfully.

– It is obvious that most of the national team players aren’t physically and tactic-technically well prepared because most of them aren’t playing matches. If we would play now with the Netherlands, than I would be worried. I even felt that Sumulikoski missed few matches, than about Trajonov who usually knows to be more self-confident.

– Anyway, I think that even in this position we have played well. We have had initiative in the whole game, we have made many chances, we have never let the opponent to put on his style of play although they showed that they have a big wish for a positive result.

– On the beginning of the second half we have played 15 minutes of hard tempo, with a pressing in the whole field and eventually we have taken the lead with 1:0. Than instead to trash the opponent, again the same problem appeared, we have lost concentration up front although we have had open space and chance to expand.

– This was a good test for the new players like Sikov and Demiri who made a good impression. However, we have fewer players who play in England, Spain, Italy…

– I’m hoping that when we play with the Netherlands in April all the players will be healthy, well prepared. They have to play in their teams and to come in a good form for this hard match against the great opponent.

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