Katanec appointed at Interblock

srecko katanecBecause of his flexible contract with FFM, Srecko Katanec found a way to spend his free time in Slovenia instead of concentrating on the work with the Macedonian team. Katanec will advise Slovenian club Interblock from Ljubljana. 

Recently Srecko Katanec turned down the offer from the Slovenian national team and accepted the offer to continue leading the Macedonian national team. Today he  signed a 5-years-long contract with the Slovenian club Interblock from Ljubljana and will have a special advisor function.
The contract with the Macedonian Football Federation gives Katanec big freedom and he is obligated to join the team only on couple of days before the matches. So now instead of coming more often to Macedonia and advising the Macedonian coaches how to work with the players so he can have more quality players to chose from, he will advise the Slovenian club. Instead of coming more often to Macedonia and watch the Macedonian football players, or traveling around Europe and watch the Macedonian internationals play, he will stay at home in Slovenia and earn another salary.
So now again Macedonia will be limited to the 18 players on his list and again we will hear the same from Mr. Katanec, that Macedonian players have limited quality, he is limited in his choice, this is all he can do with those players… 

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