Jason Naidovski flattered to be called up by Macedonia

Jason NaidovskiJason Naidovski, the 19-years-old Australian striker of Macedonian descent, is considered as one of the brightest young prospects in Australia and another name that could be soon added to the list of the lost talents who were able to play for Macedonia.

Jason Naidovski (born July 19, 1989) is an Australian football player who currently plays for the A-League club Newcastle Jets. Both his parents Mile and Roza are born in Macedonia and despite Jason has played numerous matches for the Young Soceroos and the Australian U23, Naidovski can still play for Macedonia as he is only 19. Sadly, but MacedonianFootball.com is the first side involved with the football in Macedonia who ever contacted him, something that was supposed to be done by the Macedonian Football Federation long time ago.


What are your first football memories from the junior days?
 – I started playing football when I was 5 for a local team. At the age of 12 I started playing for Bankstown city lions (Sydney Makedonija) then I played for Marconi for a further 2 years. I then gained a scholarship to NSW Institute of Sport for 2 years then I played for Marconi first team at the age of 16.

Since when did the coaches sensed your football talent and since when did you become a member of the Australian youth national teams?
 – Between the time at NSW Institute of Sport and Marconi I got invited for a 3 week trial in Germany at Bayern München. I was there for 2 weeks in November 2004 and then I suffered a grade 3 hamstring tear while training with the reserve team at Bayern. They later invited me back in April for a month trial. I went back and they offered a 4 year deal but I decided not to take it because I was so young and wanted to finish off my schooling and I thought I wasn't mature to leave my family and live in a different country.
I then returned to Australia to get a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport. I was then called into the U23 Olympic team for games qualifying for Beijing 2008. I made 2 appearances from a possible 4. I was the youngest member in the team still being only 17 and most players being 21 or 22. I then suffered a serious knee injury in April 2007 which needed a full knee re-construction and would put me out of selection for the Olympic team and put me out of football for 6 months.

Tell us something more about you when last year as one of the brightest young prospects in Australia, you signed your first professional contract for the Australian A-League side Newcastle Jets?
 – After I recovered 100% from the injury, I had another year at the AIS and we played in the Victorian State League (2nd biggest competition in Australia). I went on to score 13 goals in 12 games and then in April 2008 i signed a 2 year contract with the Newcastle Jets.
I only played 3 games for Newcastle because I was away playing with the Young Socceroos for most of the time qualifying for the 2009 world youth cup. I missed out on a total of 11 games because I was away with the national team.
Unfortunately, in December 2008 I suffered another knee injury on the same knee I hurt a year ago and will put me on the sidelines for a further 6 months. I hope to be playing football again in May 2009 and be fit and ready for the World cup in Egypt in September.

Do you follow the Macedonian football and what do you know about it?
 – I know some things about football in Macedonia. The teams I know of are Vardar, Pobeda, Rabotnicki and Pelister. They seem to do not to bad in the qualifying rounds of champions league but seem never to qualify. I really hope 1 day that a team from Macedonia can go through and qualify and make the nation proud and also Macedonians through-out the world.

You have numerous appearances for the U17, U20 and U23 national teams of Australia, but you still have the right to play for Macedonia. How do you feel about that and would you accept a call from the country of your origin?
 – I know I still am able to play for the Macedonian national team and if I do ever receive a call I will be flattered that the country that my parents grew up in and my background want me to play for them. But I have learned all my football skill in Australia and it will be only fair to them if I can pay them back. But I will take it under consideration when the time comes about it and listen to what people say. In football there is a saying. Never say Never.

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