Interview with Mensur Kurtisi

 With fantastic 24 goals on 40 matches in the Austrian Erste Liga, Mensur Kurtisi is one of the players who is still available for the Macedonian national team and should attract the attention of the Macedonian football fans. had the pleasure to make a short interview with him on the day he turns 22.

When and where are you born and when have you left Macedonia?
– I am born on 25th of March 1986 in the village of Otlja near Kumanovo. I have moved to Austria when I was 13.

Where have you played in your career?
– Since I came to Austria, I have started playing with SK Rapid from Vienna. When I turned 20 I’ve changed the club and moved to Pandorf – the club I am playing currently.

How much do You follow the football in Macedonia and which players do you consider as best Macedonian player?
– Unfortunately, I don’t have much time nor chance to follow closely the football in Macedonia, but definitely the best player is Goran Pandev from SS Lazio.

Have you been contacted by Macedonian coaches and did you had some offers from Austria?
– So far, neither of the Macedonian coaches or managers has contacted me. I have been offered to play for Austria but I haven’t still decided. It is early because once that decision is brought it is very tough and impossible to change it.

Do You want to play for Macedonia?
– I am waiting for an Austrian passport so I can play for Austria. But, if I receive an offer from Macedonia to play for the Macedonia national team, I will be more than happy to accept it and proudly play for the country where I am born.

What are your plans for your future football career? Do you have some offers from bigger clubs?
– I have a contract with my club Pandorf till the end of this season. After that I have many offers from different clubs and I will surely play in the Austrian Bundesliga or maybe some other country.



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